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May 24th Race Recap

Posted on May 27, 2014 at 11:30 AM

For our Big Dog R/C regulars, they had one objective Saturday night, finish out this spring points season as strong as possible. For the other R/OC racers, they were simply shooting for a victory.

With weeks of struggles behind him, David Snyder again showed up at Big Dog R/C in hopes of ending his bad streak, and having a solid run. With only 3 trucks registering for 2WD Mod, he had to feel good knowing that no matter what, he was going to get a podium finish. Unfortunately, a podium was all he could hope for as the two other trucks in the class were flirting with record paces and lap totals all night long, and David just couldn't get to where he needed to be. However, the weekly dedication of making the trip seems to have paid off. If all calculations are correct, when points are totaled, R/OC Racing will have a Big Dog R/C Champion in their stable, as David should bring home the 1st place trophy for 2WD Pro Modified Oval this coming Saturday. For David's night in the 2WD Spec class, he qualified 9th out of 11 competitors, and found himself once again in the B-Main, hoping to earn a bump up. His struggles continued, whether the wrecks were in his control or not, he was only able to cross the stripe in the 5th position, 3 laps off of the winner's pace, and his night for the 2WD Spec class was done. If trophies and point totals will be calculated for this coming Saturday, look for David to make his return in hopes of taking home that 1st place award.

In the 2WD Sportsman class on the oval, Sam Snyder was able to qualify 8th out of 10 for a B-Main slot. A decent run allowed her to finish right where she started, the 3rd position, beating the 6th and 7th qualifiers, and only finishing 2 laps behind the winner. A podium finish in the B-Main wasn't a disappointing run for Sam, although she is still searching for a strong A-Main finish. Her 2WD Spec class saw her qualify at the bottom of the group, in the 11th position. She started last in the B-Main, but wouldn't stay there long as she was able to edge out her husband David on the last lap, taking home 4th place honors, with 33 laps. She hopes that her perfect attendance bonus is able to bump her up in the points as she patiently waits to find out her finishing position in the spring points series this Saturday.

Mark McMillen decided not to pull double duty on Saturday, which could've been a bad decision, as there was only 3 2WD Mod trucks, and he would've been #4. But not to dwell on a bad choice at registration, he set his sights on having a solid night in the 2WD Spec class. He was only able to qualify 10th out of the 11 entries, placing him towards the bottom of the B-Main. He was able to improve on his starting position, but was unable to earn the bump up to the A-Main by finishing 3rd, only 1 lap behind 1st and 2nd place. He wraps up a fairly successful sprint points season and he also waits for the final tally of points to see just where he ended up in both classes, hoping the perfect attendance helps him in the 2WD Spec class.

After 2 weeks of frustrations with various part failures bringing his main finishes down, Rod McMillen was hoping for something different this time around. For his Open Sprint class, he was unable to continue his recent trend of speed and strong lap times. He qualified 3rd, which placed him the A-Main, with high hopes of capitalizing on a good starting spot. Unfortunately, he went backwards rather than forward, finishing the race in the 4th position. However, his night in the 2WD Spec truck turned out to be his best in recent memory, and possibly his best ever on the dirt track in Stoneboro, PA. He was able to sneak into the bottom of the A-Main by qualifying 5th through the heats, but took advantage of the A-Main berth, quickly moving up to battle for the win throughout the entire race. A great race between 3 drivers ended with Rod scoring a 2nd place finish in the A-Main, his best of the year, with a solid 38 laps. With missing too many weeks to be included in the points battle, he was very happy with his night.

Josh Ingersoll qualified his Sportsman Off-Road truck 2nd by winning a heat race, but with 2 other classes entered, he decided to hand the radio to his little sister Keisha Mack in the A-Main. Her results will be followed up later in her portion of the recap. With Josh's 2WD Spec truck and 4WD Sportsman oval truck, he once again proved that the R/OC Racing "Josh of All Trades" can get it done in any kind of R/C vehicle. He qualifed 7th, missing the A-Main in 2WD Spec by 2 spots, but was still able to earn the bump up to the A by finishing 2nd in the B-Main, as the winner turned down the extra race. He started tail of the field in the A-Main and just couldn't catch a break throughout the race, crossing the line one position ahead of where he started, in the 5th spot. He qualified in the 4th position in the 4WD Sportsman truck, placing him in the A-Main. He was able to move up to the 3rd finishing slot, only 2 laps behind the eventual winner. He plans on returning this coming Saturday for some more track time.

If one thing is known about Savannah Ingersoll and her Open Sprint car, she's found solid success relatively soon, and it hasn't taken her long at all to get the hang of it. On Saturday, she proved that she can compete with the best of them. Although she found herself in a struggle in the heat races, she quickly silenced all the critics when she started from the 5th position in the A-Main. She was able to get right to 2nd place, following the leader and trying to gain on him as much as possible. When Jerry 'The BOLT' Irwin got loose heading into turn 1 and made hard contact with the cone, Savannah took advantage of it, and never looked back as she was able to win her first ever A-Main down at Big Rog R/C. Her strong night wasn't just in the sprint car, as she was able to win a heat race in the 2WD Spec truck, and qualify 3rd overall for the A-Main. Although her lap total was nothing to be ashamed of, she was the lowest finisher out of the trucks with 38 laps, crossing the line in the 4th position. Driver of the night honors definitely go to Savannah, as she had the most impressive night out of all the R/OC racers in attendance.

Kegan Mack had his best qualifying rounds of heats for 2WD Spec truck since he started on the dirt track, qualifying 4th for the A-Main, and hoping to improve from there in the final round. He was unable to do so as mechanical failure forced him to retire after only completing 16 laps and finshing in the 6th position. Since he left his buggy at home, there was only one class that Kegan was entered in on Saturday. He too will likely return this coming Saturday.

For Kegan's sister Keisha, she was given an opportunity to shine in the Sportsman Off-Road class, as her other brother Josh Ingersoll handed her the reigns for the A-Main, after he qualified it 2nd overall. For her first time on the off-road course, with an extremely over powered truck for her current driving skill, she had a very respectable race. Although she finished last, she was only 4 laps behind the A-Main winner. For her own 2WD Sportsman truck, she qualified 7th out of 10, and started from the outside of the front row in the B-Main. She quickly faded back and was unable to gain any ground back, limping across the line in the 5th position. She looks to rebound on that finish if she's able to return this Saturday with the rest of the R/OC gang that will be in attendance.

Next week's recap will not include results that reflect points positions, but they will include the final points finishing order for our weekly racers. We are crossing our fingers here at R/OC, hoping we have some great awards to brag about come next week!

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Reply mom
1:15 PM on May 27, 2014 
Nothing about Jamie McMillen?wth?lol
Reply David
6:42 PM on May 27, 2014 
Nice! Great coverage and professionally written!