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May 3rd Race Recap

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 12:10 AM

With only four 'Gang' members attending Big Dog R/C for Saturday's event, they were determined to represent R/OC Racing the best they could. Despite a few mishaps here and there, results showed that they were definitely competitive throughout the entire night.

With a brand new VXL Brushless Slash prepped to run in the 2WD Mod class, David Snyder was hoping to bridge the recent gap between the top runners in the A main and himself. He soon discovered that the speed was there and the handling was not. Early on into the night, he managed to break a rear a-arm mount which was connected to the transmission case, causing the need for a major repair before his new truck would see the track again. With the help of fellow R/OC racer Charles Morris, he was able to get everything fixed in minimal time, and continue on. He managed to qualify 7th overall in the Mod class and was placed in the B-Main. After finishing a solid 2nd place in the B, he earned the bump up to the A-Main. Starting last and fighting with the ill-handling truck, he wasn't able to make any forward progress, and ended up 6th at the end of the race. For his 2WD Spec truck, a proven winner in the Mod class earlier in the season, he qualified 9th overall, and again was placed in the B. He struggled with his truck for the majority of the race and was unable to get a good finish, tailing the field in the 6th position. He looks to find a better feel for his new Mod truck and find more speed for his Spec truck when he returns on the 10th for another round of the spring points season.

Building on her driving skills and continuing to get better every week has been the trend ever since the season started for R/OC Racer Sam Snyder. On May 3rd, her trend continued. She qualified 10th for Spec and had to run the B-Main, where she started last, and was able to improve her starting position by one spot, beating her husband, David Snyder by less than a lap to take home 5th place in the B. After finishing a strong 3rd in her heat in the first round and 2nd in her heat in the second round, she qualified 7th overall for the 2WD Sportsman division. Although she was in the B, she knew her truck was able to move forward from her starting position. She held her own for much of the race and although she didn't get to the lap totals she had in the heat races, she still had a very strong finish of 4th place in the B. She hopes her trend doesn't slow down when she heads back down this coming Saturday.

Fresh off of a historic night for 'Gang' member Mark McMillen, he was destined to try and best his performance the week before. Although he was unable to bring home any victories, his lap totals did improve as he was able to set a new personal best of 38 laps in one of the races throughout the night. In 2WD Spec, he qualified 8th overall through his heats, and was placed in the B-Main. He ran a strong 3rd place and because the 2nd place finisher refused the bump up, Mark gladly took it, and started tail of the field in the A. After hanging with the top 4 trucks for most of the race, nerves got the best of Mark, and he dropped back a little bit to avoid a wreck. For the rest of the race, he just didn't have the speed as the other 4 trucks, and was only able to improve on his starting spot by one position, finishing 5th overall for the night. In the 2WD Mod class, Mark again qualified 8th overall, and started mid-pack in the B-Main. He finished right where he started, in the 3rd spot, setting a personal best with 38 laps, and only finishing 1 lap behind the winner. He'll also return to the dirt on May 10th.

Knowing that he was going to miss the 10th due to his Senior Prom, Charles Morris was hoping he could have a strong night to make up for it. He was able to qualify 7th for the 2WD Spec class after and captured the checkered flag in the B-Main with 39 laps, taking the bump up to the A-Main. He started 5th in the A and raced his way up to the 3rd position, running in a group of four extremely fast trucks. Tying a personal best of 40 laps, finshing in the 3rd spot, on the same lap as 2nd and 4th place, and only one lap behind the the eventual winner, he had nothing to be disappointed about. His luck in 2WD Mod wasn't nearly as good, qualifying 5th overall, missing the A-Main by one spot, he started the B-Main on the pole. It didn't take long for him to have suspected motor troubles and he had to pull off the track. The motor change was what allowed him to get back on track in time for the 2WD Spec A-Main, where it was obvious that his struggles were fixed. Due to the mechanical issues, he only completed 5 laps in the 2WD Mod B-Main, and took home last place honors. His next scheduled stop at Big Dog R/C will be May 17th.

As the spring points season inches to a close, the four 'Gang' members running for points hope to finish out the next few weeks in strong fashion. Points standings aren't available for immediate update, but heading into the May 3rd race, it appeared that David Snyder was currently running 3rd in the 2WD Mod points, Charles Morris was the current leader in 2WD Spec points, and Jamie McMillen was 3rd in 2WD Spec points. Since Jamie has missed more than 2 weeks, his points will likely be disallowed for the rest of the season, eliminating him from points contention all together. Mark and Sam look to find a top 3 finish in the A-Main to help improve their points position. Stay tuned as an exciting season comes to an end!

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