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October 29th Race Recap

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

With the racing season in full swing at Riverside Raceway, 2 days before Halloween, we were heading in our third week of points in the 2014 Fall Series. R/OC Racing was in the house and when that happens, you know things are about to get interesting.

After a struggle through the first few weeks, David Snyder was able to find consistency with his truck for the first time all season, as he was able to beat out two other racers with the same amount of laps by completing his last lap with a faster time. Sneaking into the 4th spot in the A-Main, he was looking to have a strong run to make up some ground in the points standings. However, his luck would soon run out as he would suffer a part failure early in the race, and was only able to complete 27 laps before deciding to stop fighting the ill-handling truck, and retire to the pits. David currently sits in the 6th spot in Stock Slash points heading into week 4.

As for Sam Snyder, who's struggles were highly documented last year at Riverside Raceway, she continues to try new set ups and tricks of the trade to get her truck better and better each week. Known for struggling with a loose truck, changes made by fellow R/OC member Josh Ingersoll had her truck doing the exact opposite this week, as it developed a drive-able push through the corners. She was only able to muster up a C-MAin qualifying spot, but bounced back with a solid 46 laps, finishing 2nd place in the final race of the night for "Rockie". Three weeks into the season, Sam currently sits right behind her husband David in the 7th position in points.

With a new bright green body and several upgrades on his ride, 'The Blind Bandit' Mark McMillen has been having his best season to date. Fresh off of a personal best night where he was able to turn 56 laps and 59 laps twice, he had high expectation heading into the night. However, he was one of the three 56 lap racers through the heats, and was unable to make the A-Main, forcing him to start the B from the 2nd position. The 2nd position is where he would start and is also where he would finish with 52 laps at the final buzzer. He currently sits 3rd in the standings, searching for more laps every week to close the gap.

The fear of going pro is the story of the season so far with Jessie McMillen, as she has stayed back and slowed down purposely several times this season, afraid of reaching the higher class and ruining the fun of the hobby. She continued to show speed and had a solid night on Wednesday as she was the third member of R/OC with 56 laps, placing her as top qualifer for the B, after winning both of her heats. She would make it a clean sweep as she was able to best Mark McMillen by 2 laps in the B-Main, finishing with 54, and winning all three races that she entered. She sits just 6 points behind Mark McMillen in the 4th spot heading into week 4.

The story of the night may have been that our hardest trying and most determined racer here at R/OC finally reached his goal. After a year of disappointment, we here at R/OC Racing are thrilled to announce that Steven Thomas is finally a member of the Pro Slash class at Riverside Raceway where he joins the likes of his father Rod McMillen, Jamie McMillen, Josh Ingersoll, and Clark Thomas. After missing the Pro mark of 61 laps by a small margin twice in his heat races, he entered the A-Main knowing that with minimal driver errors, his truck was capable of reaching the required total. As the buzzer sounded at the end of 5 minutes, Steven found himself at 60 laps, with the ability to finish his final lap that put him at 61, and sent him into a more challenging class. He was bested by newcomer Ken Prettyman, who also made Pro in just his second week of action. Steven currently sits 2nd in Stock Slash points for now, however, his points will transfer over to the Pro Class going into next week, and he will no longer be listed in the Stock standings. Once again, congratulations Steven!

Steven's father Rod, who has been off to a blazing start so far this season, had his blazing fast truck hooked up again on Wednesday night as he was able to pace the field in his heat races, and solidly place himself at 3rd qualifier in the A-Main. He wouldn't stay in the 3rd position for long as he would take over 2nd place fairly early and never look back, finishing with 66 laps. Due to a mechanical failure the previous week, he currently sits 6th in points, but we don't expect him to stay there long. 

Sporting a 1969 Oldsmobile 442 body for the second straight week, Jamie McMillen was hoping that his previous week's struggles were behind him, and that he would have the handling issues on his machine figured out. He would fight through the heats battling the ill-handling car, and barely make the A-Main by less than 2 seconds over a tough competitor and points contender Kevin Allen. His handling problems were slightly better, but still far from where they need to be in the A-Main, as he was able to make a late race pass for 3rd position, and hang onto it with 65 laps at the buzzer. He holds the last spot on the podium in Pro Slash points after 3 weeks are in the books.

With 3 weeks in and several drivers finding their way into the Pro class in the last few nights of racing, things are looking to get pretty interesting as the season progresses. You may also notice that there is a member of our 'gang' missing in the results and recap. Charlie Morris, one of the most, if not thee most successful R/C racers in our group joined the Army, and is out there serving our country, making all of us back here at R/OC Racing and Riverside Raceway very proud. We expect big things out of him in the future and great stoies when he returns to us, and joins us on the driver's stand once again. For complete results and points standings, head on over to Riverside Raceway's website by clicking here. And don't be afraid to join in on the fun every Wednesday at 6:00PM where spectators are always FREE!

June 28th Race Recap

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (1)

With the beginning of the summer points series right around the corner, a few of our R/OC racing members decided to head down to Big Dog R/C on Saturday, June 28th for a night of strictly fun racing. Pro Mod champion David Snyder, on the rise driver Sam Snyder, the 'Blind Bandit' Mark McMillen, the 'Manimal' Rod McMillen, and 'go really fast and hope I turn left' Jessie McMillen were in attendance.

Fresh off of a handicapped defeat at the hands of his own wife in last week's head-to-head showdown, David Snyder was in the house hoping to work some of the lingering bugs out of his trucks, preparing himself for the summer points season, and seeing if he couldn't find a few tricks to help him capture another points championship. He qualified 4th through the heats in his 2WD Spec truck and that placed him on the outside of the second row for the A-Main. He quickly took advantage of his usual high-side driving and worked his way through traffic fairly well, crossing the line after the buzzer went off in the 2nd position, only 2 laps behind local stand out driver, Bill Wiggins. With the lack of Pro Mod trucks showing up, David was forced to run his brushless set-up Slash in a Pro Late Model class, and qualified 3rd out of 3 entries. With the late model bodies helping with down force, David's 38 laps were no match for their 42 as he finished right where he qualified in the 3rd spot. It wasn't a wasted race, as the tough competition may have forced him to drive a little harder, and helped with his set-up for future races.

Sam Snyder, who recently has been running all different classes on all the different types of tracks was doing much more of the same on this night. With her first A-Main victory in her back pocket from a few weeks ago, her confidence levels are higher than ever, and her improvement on lap totals and lap times are showing that. She entered 'The Demon Horde' into three different classes on Saturday, 2WD Spec truck, the Figure 8 class, as well as the 2WD Off Road class. In 2WD Spec, she dealt with some struggles throughout the night, only managing to qualify 6th out of 6, starting her at the tail of the A-Main. She wasn't able to gain any ground once the race started and finished in 6th as well. The figure 8 class, something that is new for everyone down there, was something that Sam seemed to catch onto rather quickly. She qualified 3rd out of 4 for the A-Main, but again struggled in the feature event, finishing in 4th place, 5 laps off of the top 3 finishers pace. Her biggest improvement of the night was the Off Road class, where she improved on her personal best by 2 laps. Although she was the last qualifier again and finished last in the A-Main, she was only one lap behind 3rd and 4th, and only 3 total laps behind the eventual winner.

The bright orange Speed Energy truck piloted by Mark McMillen made the trip as well on Saturday and would only enter one class, that being the 2WD Spec truck class, in which he has faired pretty well in recent weeks. He had a solid handling truck through out the heat races but couldn't eliminate enough driver errors to show how good his truck really was early on. Starting in the 5th spot in the A-Main, he was able to work his way all the up to 2nd at one point, but incidental contact with fellow R/OC driver Rod McMillen caused an unfortunate spin in which Mark was never able to recover from. He finished in the 4th position, 4 laps out of the lead.

The self proclaimed 'Manimal' Rod McMillen had his Dodge Ram and Losi Slider with him to run the 2WD Spec truck class and the Open Sprint class as well. With only 3 entries in the Open Sprint class, a guaranteed podium finish was in the works for the night. He qualified last out of the heats but managed to finish 2nd in the A-Main with a very strong 40 laps, but still 2 laps behind the winner. His 2WD Spec night was much better through the heats as he was able to qualify an impressive 2nd place and start on the outside of the front row for the A-Main event. He ran a tough battle and managed to get yet another podium finish on the night with a solid 3rd place finish, just one lap behind fellow 'Gang' member David Snyder.

Rod's daughter Jessica also tagged along for some eventful racing at 'The Dog' and with battery charging issues changing her plans for which battery she would use in her 2WD Spec truck, you would think it would set her night off. However, showing that she can adapt to changes well, she qualified a personal best 3rd through the heats, placing her with a solid starting position for the A-Main. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to capitalize on the strong starting position, and faded back to finish 5th, just ahead of Sam Snyder.

With full scale dirt track racing coming into full effect in our local area, the opening of Stateline Speedway on Saturday July 5th will prevent any of our R/OC 'Gang' from making an appearance at Big Dog R/C this weekend. However, with the summer points series starting soon, I am sure we will see a few weekly racers making the trip. We have yet to confirm who all will be running for points this season, but when that list is finalized, we will make it public to you. As for the next race where we can expect some of our racers to be in attendance, I believe Keisha Mack, Kegan Mack, Josh Ingersoll, and Savannah Ingersoll will be making the tow on July 12th. I'm not aware of who else will be attending that night, but whoever attends will be in the recap in the following days. So check back with us next week to see where our drivers end up and get out to support local racing, whether it's an R/C track, a full scale dirt track, or even one of those boring pavement tracks!

Sprint Points Season Recap

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (1)

With the complete schedule for the 2014 Spring Points Series at Big Dog R/C in the books, R/OC Racing is proud to announce that several of our drivers were able to successfully bring home some impressive hardware when awards were handed out.

Most notably, David Snyder, the most recent 2WD Stock Slash Champion at Riverside Raceway, was able to capture another points title as he took home first place honors in the 2WD Pro Mod Oval class. Although he struggled often towards the end of the season, he was able to run consistently enough to bring home a championship. He also was able to get a podium finish in the points standing for the 2WD Spec Oval class, after tying with fellow R/OC racer and wife, Sam Snyder.

Sam Snyder also had two strong series finishes to feel good about, as she was able to place 4th in the 2WD Sportsman Oval and as mentioned, tied for 3rd in 2WD Spec Oval with David.

Continuing the trend of at least one podium finish in the points standings, Mark McMillen took home 2nd place in 2WD Spec Oval and 3rd place in 2WD Pro Mod Oval, which was very impressive for a driver who's legally blind, and has trouble seeing his truck each and every week.

Although he missed a week or two, Rod McMillen was still able to make enough races to have his points tallied into the final totals and he brought home a pair of 4th place points finishes in the Open Sprint class and 2WD Spec Oval class respectully.

Other notes worth mentioning, although Charie Morris and Jamie McMillen were unable to make enough weeks for their point totals to actually count, had they been able to make more weeks, we may have been talking about the possibility of another champion coming from the R/OC stable. Charlie only entered 5 of the 8 possible races and had as many points as the winner of the 2WD Spec Class. If he would've entered one more night of racing, he would've been crowned the points champion. As for Jamie, he was able to match Rod McMillen's point totals for 4th in the 2WD Spec class, after only entering 3 of the 8 races. Three more weeks of racing entered in for Jamie would've made the rest of the points standings very interesting.

As of right now, R/OC Racing has no immediate or set in stone plans on their upcoming schedule other than August 7th at Venango County Fair when there will be a newly constructed dirt oval and off road course to race on as an exhibition to spread the word about radio control racing and expose how much it can be for people of all ages. If you're interested in coming to cheer us on or even entering yourself, contact one of our members for more information. If you participate in the races, you get free admission into the fair, and there is no entry fee to race either. We hope to see as many fans as possible when we make the trip! When other dates are confirmed, they will be made available on the website, so please check back with us often.

May 24th Race Recap

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For our Big Dog R/C regulars, they had one objective Saturday night, finish out this spring points season as strong as possible. For the other R/OC racers, they were simply shooting for a victory.

With weeks of struggles behind him, David Snyder again showed up at Big Dog R/C in hopes of ending his bad streak, and having a solid run. With only 3 trucks registering for 2WD Mod, he had to feel good knowing that no matter what, he was going to get a podium finish. Unfortunately, a podium was all he could hope for as the two other trucks in the class were flirting with record paces and lap totals all night long, and David just couldn't get to where he needed to be. However, the weekly dedication of making the trip seems to have paid off. If all calculations are correct, when points are totaled, R/OC Racing will have a Big Dog R/C Champion in their stable, as David should bring home the 1st place trophy for 2WD Pro Modified Oval this coming Saturday. For David's night in the 2WD Spec class, he qualified 9th out of 11 competitors, and found himself once again in the B-Main, hoping to earn a bump up. His struggles continued, whether the wrecks were in his control or not, he was only able to cross the stripe in the 5th position, 3 laps off of the winner's pace, and his night for the 2WD Spec class was done. If trophies and point totals will be calculated for this coming Saturday, look for David to make his return in hopes of taking home that 1st place award.

In the 2WD Sportsman class on the oval, Sam Snyder was able to qualify 8th out of 10 for a B-Main slot. A decent run allowed her to finish right where she started, the 3rd position, beating the 6th and 7th qualifiers, and only finishing 2 laps behind the winner. A podium finish in the B-Main wasn't a disappointing run for Sam, although she is still searching for a strong A-Main finish. Her 2WD Spec class saw her qualify at the bottom of the group, in the 11th position. She started last in the B-Main, but wouldn't stay there long as she was able to edge out her husband David on the last lap, taking home 4th place honors, with 33 laps. She hopes that her perfect attendance bonus is able to bump her up in the points as she patiently waits to find out her finishing position in the spring points series this Saturday.

Mark McMillen decided not to pull double duty on Saturday, which could've been a bad decision, as there was only 3 2WD Mod trucks, and he would've been #4. But not to dwell on a bad choice at registration, he set his sights on having a solid night in the 2WD Spec class. He was only able to qualify 10th out of the 11 entries, placing him towards the bottom of the B-Main. He was able to improve on his starting position, but was unable to earn the bump up to the A-Main by finishing 3rd, only 1 lap behind 1st and 2nd place. He wraps up a fairly successful sprint points season and he also waits for the final tally of points to see just where he ended up in both classes, hoping the perfect attendance helps him in the 2WD Spec class.

After 2 weeks of frustrations with various part failures bringing his main finishes down, Rod McMillen was hoping for something different this time around. For his Open Sprint class, he was unable to continue his recent trend of speed and strong lap times. He qualified 3rd, which placed him the A-Main, with high hopes of capitalizing on a good starting spot. Unfortunately, he went backwards rather than forward, finishing the race in the 4th position. However, his night in the 2WD Spec truck turned out to be his best in recent memory, and possibly his best ever on the dirt track in Stoneboro, PA. He was able to sneak into the bottom of the A-Main by qualifying 5th through the heats, but took advantage of the A-Main berth, quickly moving up to battle for the win throughout the entire race. A great race between 3 drivers ended with Rod scoring a 2nd place finish in the A-Main, his best of the year, with a solid 38 laps. With missing too many weeks to be included in the points battle, he was very happy with his night.

Josh Ingersoll qualified his Sportsman Off-Road truck 2nd by winning a heat race, but with 2 other classes entered, he decided to hand the radio to his little sister Keisha Mack in the A-Main. Her results will be followed up later in her portion of the recap. With Josh's 2WD Spec truck and 4WD Sportsman oval truck, he once again proved that the R/OC Racing "Josh of All Trades" can get it done in any kind of R/C vehicle. He qualifed 7th, missing the A-Main in 2WD Spec by 2 spots, but was still able to earn the bump up to the A by finishing 2nd in the B-Main, as the winner turned down the extra race. He started tail of the field in the A-Main and just couldn't catch a break throughout the race, crossing the line one position ahead of where he started, in the 5th spot. He qualified in the 4th position in the 4WD Sportsman truck, placing him in the A-Main. He was able to move up to the 3rd finishing slot, only 2 laps behind the eventual winner. He plans on returning this coming Saturday for some more track time.

If one thing is known about Savannah Ingersoll and her Open Sprint car, she's found solid success relatively soon, and it hasn't taken her long at all to get the hang of it. On Saturday, she proved that she can compete with the best of them. Although she found herself in a struggle in the heat races, she quickly silenced all the critics when she started from the 5th position in the A-Main. She was able to get right to 2nd place, following the leader and trying to gain on him as much as possible. When Jerry 'The BOLT' Irwin got loose heading into turn 1 and made hard contact with the cone, Savannah took advantage of it, and never looked back as she was able to win her first ever A-Main down at Big Rog R/C. Her strong night wasn't just in the sprint car, as she was able to win a heat race in the 2WD Spec truck, and qualify 3rd overall for the A-Main. Although her lap total was nothing to be ashamed of, she was the lowest finisher out of the trucks with 38 laps, crossing the line in the 4th position. Driver of the night honors definitely go to Savannah, as she had the most impressive night out of all the R/OC racers in attendance.

Kegan Mack had his best qualifying rounds of heats for 2WD Spec truck since he started on the dirt track, qualifying 4th for the A-Main, and hoping to improve from there in the final round. He was unable to do so as mechanical failure forced him to retire after only completing 16 laps and finshing in the 6th position. Since he left his buggy at home, there was only one class that Kegan was entered in on Saturday. He too will likely return this coming Saturday.

For Kegan's sister Keisha, she was given an opportunity to shine in the Sportsman Off-Road class, as her other brother Josh Ingersoll handed her the reigns for the A-Main, after he qualified it 2nd overall. For her first time on the off-road course, with an extremely over powered truck for her current driving skill, she had a very respectable race. Although she finished last, she was only 4 laps behind the A-Main winner. For her own 2WD Sportsman truck, she qualified 7th out of 10, and started from the outside of the front row in the B-Main. She quickly faded back and was unable to gain any ground back, limping across the line in the 5th position. She looks to rebound on that finish if she's able to return this Saturday with the rest of the R/OC gang that will be in attendance.

Next week's recap will not include results that reflect points positions, but they will include the final points finishing order for our weekly racers. We are crossing our fingers here at R/OC, hoping we have some great awards to brag about come next week!

May 17th Race Recap

Posted on May 22, 2014 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Due to computer difficulties, the race recap for May 17th had to be delayed. I apologize for any inconvenience.


While some R/OC racers knew it was "go time" heading into the event on May 17th, there were still others who just had fun on their mind. Knowing you don't have to worry about points is an advantage for part-time racers when they attempt to tame Big Dog R/C, because whatever happens, happens, and in the end, you have nothing to lose. However, for our points racing members, having nothing to lose is far from being the case each and every week.

With a few weeks under his belt in the new brushless VXL Edition Slash, David Snyder was focused and determind to finally put that speed and money to the track, and achieve results that would reflect the strides of improvement that he's made as a driver in the 2WD Modified class. With his 2WD Spec truck, his second week on a new motor would be a boost of confidence, knowing that he's running a truck capable of winning a Modified A-Main in the Spec division. With his Mod truck, his struggles started right off the bat, as he was only able to qualify 5th out of 5 trucks through the heats. Although he was guaranteed an A-Main berth, starting at the tail of the field was not what he had in mind. He was able to improve on his starting spot and had his best race of the night as far as laps go, even though he was only 4th at the buzzer. With the eventual winner running a brushless late model and 2nd place finisher and fellow R/OC racer Jamie McMillen not running for points, David was still awarded 2nd place points for the night. Regardless of the finish, it was a solid points night for his Modified campaign. In his 2WD Spec truck, it was more of the same, as he again struggled throughout both rounds of heats, and qualified 14th out of 14, placing him on the back row for the B-Main. Marred in a race with several other members of R/OC racing, the race was anything but pretty, as wreck after wreck haunted each and every entered racer. Throughout all the wreckage, David still managed to muster up a 2nd place finish, and with the winner refusing the bump up to the A, David gladly took the spot at the tail of the A-Main grid. He was unable to improve on his starting spot and had one of his worst races in recent memory, finishing 8th out of 8, and ending his Spec night on a bad note. With one week left of points, he hopes his frustrations can be a thing of the past this Saturday.

The goal of staying lower in the turns and running faster lap times was on Sam Snyder's mind heading into both classes on Saturday night. Knowing what line she needs to run to be faster and being able to run there are two different animals, but Sam showed us all that when her truck is handling, she can run wherever she needs to. If she can get her truck to turn more consistently and run the fast line more often, her finishes will soon involved bragging rights. In her 2WD Spec truck, she ended up 12th out of 14 for the qualifying grid, starting her on the inside of the third row. With the amount of wrecks and contact between drivers, it was hard for Sam to get into any kind of rhythm or find any open track. It only took 10 laps for her truck to find itself broken and forced her to retire early, finishing 6th out of 7. With the help of R/OC's Charlie Morris and Rod McMillen, she was able to make it back out for the start of her Sportsman B-Main, where she was starting on the pole after missing the A-Main by a single lap in the heat races. After losing the lead fairly early in the race, she setlled into 2nd place, and proceeded to run there for most of the race. With around a minute left on the clock, misfortune struck, as she was bullied by the same truck several laps in a row, eliminating her chances, and shattering her hopes of a possible B-Main win or at the very least, an A-Main transfer spot. After the final buzzer, she crossed the line in 4th place, only 2 laps behind the winner.  Running near the front for the majority of the race and only missing the A-Main by a few seconds, the overall driver performance for Sam was good, and we hope it was a shot in the arm for confidence. She hopes to finish the deal this Saturday and earn her very first A-Main start throughout the heats. If she can get a little luck to swing her way, we may be talking about a winner next week.

Taking the guaranteed top five start and finish in the 2WD Mod class, Mark McMillen decided to once again run two classes, knowing that he had a pit crew to help him out with all of the extra R/OC racers in the house. After having a very solid truck throughout the entire night, Mark was disappointed to know he missed the A-Main for 2WD Spec by less than a lap, being beat out by his son, Jamie McMillen for the 7th and final A-Main spot. Although disappointed, he had confidence knowing that his truck was good enough to win the B-Main, and he set his sights on doing that from the pole position. He got off to a great start early on, leading for much of the race before contact with Savannah Ingersoll cost Mark the lead. He was able to battle back and stay on the lead lap, but just couldn't close the deal, finishing 3rd, and missing the transfer. For 2WD Mod, he had several good moments in both heat races running with David, Charlie, and Jamie competitively all night long. He wasn't able to hang with the top 3 when it came time for the A-Main and battled David for the 4th and 5th spots, eventually falling to last place, which was 5th on the night, and finishing there. Again, due to the top 2 finishers not being elgibile for points, Mark took home 3rd place points to ease his frustrations of a last place run. It is unclear whether or not he will return to Big Dog R/C with two classes on his schedule, but he will for sure be there to run 2WD Spec, hoping to re-live the glory he had in that class several weeks ago.

The ability to get the first lap of the race in cleanly really hindered Jamie McMillen's night throughout all four of his heat races, in both 2WD Spec and 2WD Mod. He had a very fast, great handling truck, but he consistently struggled to get through the first 10 seconds of the race without issues. With lap times comparable to the heat winners, he wasn't worried about his chances heading into the mains, where he was able to qualify for the A-Main in both classes. Even though he barely made it into the 2WD Spec A-Main, starting 7th out of 8, he got off to a good start for the first time all night, and quickly set sail in hopes for an A-Main victory. Early on he ran in the 3rd position behind Charlie Morris before Charlie had trouble and Jamie immediately took over the 2nd spot. He was able to swap the lead several times within the last 30-40 seconds of the race, but with lapped traffic hindering his groove, he had to settle for a 2nd place finish, improving on his starting position by a 'Gang' high 5 positions. For his Modified A-Main, it was more of the same, as he ran 2nd for most of the race, but was simply out-classed by a brushless late model, and settled for another 2nd place finish. He was able to set a personal best of 40 laps during the race and only finishe 1 lap behind the leader, which wasn't bad considering the difference in vehicles. It is unknown when Jamie will make another start at Big Dog R/C with several things flooding his schedule over the next few months.

The driver of the night may have been Charlie Morris if his mains were going to go anything like his heats did, specifically in the 2WD Spec class. He paced the field and easily won both heat races, and set top qualifier for the A-Main. Looking to complete a clean sweep of the class, he started from the pole, but didn't stay there long. Some close, fun racing with Jamie McMillen was unfortunately the highlight of the race, after he was contacted by a lapped truck, and couldn't gather it back up from there. Falling 3 spots back from his pole position start, he finished a very disappointing 4th place, after having such high hopes heading into the race. Deflated and completely let down from the Spec race, he entered the Mod race in the 2nd place starting position. Although his attitude didn't show it, he had hopes of making up for his struggles in the previous class, and badly wanted an A-Main win before the night was over. Unfortunately for Charlie, that wasn't the case. He had a rough start to the race and it took him the majority of the race to get back to the top, as he climbed his way back up to 3rd place, on the same lap as 2nd place, and only one lap off the pace of the insanely fast late model. With hopes of the 2WD Spec points championship, Charlie needs a top 3 finish in the A-Main this Saturday to really cement his shot at bringing home a 1st place trophy.

After part failures really brought Rod McMillen's spirits down the previous week, he was hoping that his birthday would treat him differently with his Open Sprint car and 2WD Spec truck. With only 7 sprint car entries, Rod was guaranteed an A-Main birth, and used his heats as tuning sessions to prepare for the big race. He knew he had a solid car going into the main, even after starting the race as the bottom qualifer in 7th place. Proving he could handle the car as good as the rest of the field, he soon found himself in the top 5, fighting for a spot in the top 3. Once he broke into the top 3, he was able to finish there, only 2 laps out of the lead. It was one of Rod's best runs in the sprint car in recent memory. With contact filled heats throughout the night, Rod never really got his 2WD Spec truck into clear space, and he was unsure just how good it was going to be going into the B-Main, where he was forced to start after only qualifying 10th out of 14. His fun in the B-Main was very short lived as he again suffered another part failure, this time on lap 2, and his night ended early. It's too bad that his birthday couldn't be more kind to him in both classes, but he will happily take the strong run in the sprint car with a smile.

A disappointing round of heats for Jessie McMillen was only able to earn her a spot in the 2WD Spec truck B-Main, but knowing Jessie, she wasn't too worried about it. She knows she can do better and qualifying 13th out of 14 simply wasn't a concern. Once it became time for the B-Main, she started on the inside of the last row, and didn't stay there long. She raced competitively the entire race, earning herself a 4th place finish, only 2 laps off of the winner's pace. Another decent run for Jessie and when she returns to Big Dog R/C, you can expect more of the same.

Josh Ingersoll's night was more than entertaining, as his wife purchased a 4WD off-road buggy at the track, and Josh was the hired gun to pilot it the first time it would see the track. On top of that, he was entered in the 4WD Sportsman Oval class, and the 2WD Spec class. Constantly busy running three classes, he was all over the place in the pit area, tinkering with one thing or another the whole night. Once he was on the track, he was calm again, and back to his normal smooth driving ways. He qualified 3rd for the Sportsman 4WD Oval class and probably should've been the winner of the A-Main but contact with another driver cost him the 1st place spot, forcing him to settle for 2nd, 1 lap behind the leader. For the 2WD Spec class, he qualified 4th, and started in that same position for the A-Main. He liked his chances going into the race, after hanging with the faster trucks in the class throughout the night. He couldn't catch a break en route to a 6th place finish. For his first time in the 4WD buggy in the Sportsman Off-Road class, he faired pretty well until a catastrophic break in the front end took him out of the lead, and cost him his chances at an A-Main victory. The well-rounded, multi-class driver will return to the dirt track this summer, but it is unclear on what dates he will be attending.

Fresh off of a very impressive Sprint car run last week, Savannah Ingersoll was hoping for more of the same this week. However, she was unable to make strides forward as far as finishing position goes. She still didn't have a bad night overall though, qualifying 6th out of 7, and running in the top 4 for most of the A-Main, at times poking her nose into the top 3 as well. She was unable to hang onto the 3rd spot, as she was edged out by Rod McMillen later in the race, and she crossed the line in the 4th position. She also entered the 2WD Spec truck class, with a very fast truck, hoping she could sneak into the A-Main, and possibly make some noise. She qualified 9th out of 14 and was unable to transfer into the A through the heats, but was hoping for a little luck to swing her way when it became time for the B-Main. Although she only finished 2 laps out of the lead, she ended up in the 5th position with one of her worst lap totals since she started racing on the dirt. She too will make a return to the dirt, but just like Josh, the dates are undecided at this point.

Keisha Mack, a previous 2WD Sportsman B-Main winner, was also in the house with her pink bodied Slash on Saturday. After qualifying 9th out of the heats, she was forced back into the B-Main again, and hoped she could pick up a win that she knows she's capable of. She was well on her way to possibly her second B-Main victory, leading most of the race for the first three minutes. However, much like Sam Snyder, Keisha experienced some unfortunate circumstances with other drivers in the last portion of the race, but was still able to gather it together, and finish in the 2nd spot, taking the bump up to the A-Main. Her finish in the A-Main was unavailable at the time of the recap, so it is unclear how her night ended up. She will return to the dirt track when Josh and Savannah do as well.

Kegan, Keisha's brother, was at the track with a newly purchased off-road buggy, as well as his 2WD Spec truck. His night in the buggy, Sportsman Off-Road, was eventful, but somewhat of a struggle through the heats, qualifying tail of the field in the 7th spot. He was able to make strides of improvement in the A-Main however, moving up to finish 4th place, despite being part of the contact that ended Josh Ingersoll's night earlier in the race. With everyone else bashing each other and struggling mightily in the 2WD Spec B-Main, which he was placed in after qualifying 11th out fof 14, Kegan was able to take advantage of the opportunity, as he cruised to a B-Main victory, and called it a night, denying the bump up to the A. He looks to continue to build off of his success the next time he makes the trip to Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

Stop in at R/OC Racing's website next week to find out how our points racers round out the season in their finals points race. Hopefully we have a lot of success to recap after this weekend as we wish our drivers, as always, the best of luck!

May 10th Recap

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Hot and muggy weather loomed over 'The Gang' on Saturday, May 10th. With a few members pre-occupied with other commitments, R/OC Racing was still able to have quite a turn out at Big Dog R/C. With non-regulars Savannah & Josh Ingersoll, Kegan Mack, and Rodney McMillen making the trip.

Fresh off a successful practice session on Thursday, David Snyder was in the house with two different trucks to run two different classes. His stock 2WD Slash was placed in the 2WD Spec class as his 2WD Slash VXL with a brushless set-up was placed in the 2WD Mod class. After quickly finding a happy medium set-up and solid speed with both of his trucks earler in the week, he had hoped that his string of unfortunate luck was going to come to an end. Little did he know, he was about to enter his first night of racing in which he would be unable to transfer to the A-Main in either class. After only qualifying 10th out of a possible 12 in his Spec truck, he was placed in the B-Main, and was only able to muster up a 3rd place finish, although he was only 1 lap out of the lead. More of the same trend continued when it came time for his 2WD Mod truck, where he qualified 8th out of 10 and fought his way to a decent 2nd place finish in the B-Main, but was 2 laps short of earning the bump up. Inconsistency has been haunting David in recent weeks and he can only hope that soon he gets out of his recent slump. He'll try again this coming Saturday, May 17th.

David's other half, Sam Snyder, who has been going forward with progress instead of slumping found a few speed bumps in her road to an A-Main on Saturday as well. Although her lap totals were some of the best she's ever had, her finishes weren't there to back them up. She too enjoyed a solid day of practice earlier in the week with some valuable track time going in her favor, as she was able to turn several laps with personal best times. Out of 15 entires in the 2WD Sportsman class, Sam entered the B-Main qualified in the 12th position overall, and starting 5th out of 8. She was unable to make any forward progress as she crossed the line at the end of the buzzer in the same position she started in, taking home 5th place honors. After being the bottom qualifier for the 2WD Spec class, she started tail of the field in the B-Main, and had her best lap total in a single race of her young career on the dirt track. Even with her new personal best, she was only able to move up one position, finishing 5th in the B-Main, only 3 laps out of the lead. She looks to use that success as far as lap totals go to fuel her into next week with more success in mind.

Mark McMillen, who has been on a consistent run lately, running better than he has at any time in his career saw more of the same this week as well. Although he was unable to capture a victory of any sort, he was able to tie his personal best in laps with 38 twice. He missed the A-Main by one qualifying spot in 2WD Spec, which placed him on the pole for the B-Main. He ran a relatively strong race but was unable to capitalize on the starting position, falling back to 2nd, and crossing the stripe in that same spot., only 1 lap behind the eventual winner. The winner of the B-Main refused the bump up to the A-Main, so Mark gladly took the extra race, and another shot at trying to get a win. Starting at the back of the pack in the A-Main in 7th place, he ran another solid race, and improved on his starting spot by 2, finishing the night in the 5th spot. He also will return to the dirt on the 17th, hoping his string of solid runs continues.

Next week's birthday boy and reason for cup cakes, Rod McMillen, was in the house with his sprint car and his 2WD Spec truck on the 10th after taking a few weeks off. His return to the dirt was more of the same, with fun times, but inconsistent finishes haunting him throughout the entire night. However, he was able to make the A-Main in the sprint car before part failure ended his night early after only completing 9 laps. With a qualifiying position of 5th in the 2WD Spec heats, Rod started the A-Main with only 2 trucks behind him at the beginning of the race. Mechanical failure struck again as he was forced to retire from this race early as well, only completing 6 laps in the process. Next weekend he hopes to celebrate his birthday with some strong finishes in the main races.

Savannah Ingersoll was also in the house with her sprint car and 2WD Spec truck and she ran extremely strong in both classes all night long. After qualifying 3rd in only her second night of racing a sprint car, she started the A-Main from the inside of the second row. She quickly showed that she has what it takes to be a force in her new class as she able to finish 2nd with 42 laps, while the top 3 were all on the same lap. She hopes to improve her finish by only a few seconds next time so she can bring home 1st place honors. In her 2WD Spec truck, which she's been impressive in since she started racing at Big Dog R/C, she snuck into the A-Main by qualifying 6th, but quickly proved she belonged there as she fought her way up to a solid 4th place finish. With more track time, she could be our next 'Gang' member visiting victory lane in an A-Main very soon.

Savannah's other half, Josh Ingersoll, made the trip as well and decided to run his 4WD VXL Slash in the 4WD Sportsman class, as well as running his 2WD Spec truck. He out qualified his wife by 1 spot in the spec class, starting 5th in the A-Main, but was unable to stay there throughout the race, dropping back a position to finish 6th at the end of the race. In the 4WD Sportsman truck, Josh was the only 'Gang' member all night to finish a race in first place, even if it was just a heat. His win was only good enough to qualify 6th, missing the A-Main by 1 spot, and starting the B-Main from the pole. His hopes of transferring out of the B quickly diminished as he was only able to muster up a 3rd place finish, 2 laps off the pace of the leader.

With his newly painted truck body only seeing the track for the second time, Kegan Mack joined the festivities on Saturday. He struggled out of the gate in the 2WD Spec class, only qualifying 11th out of 12, and starting on the inside of the last row in the B-Main. In what was his best race of the night, he crossed the stripe in the 4th position, with 37 laps, the same amount that 2nd and 3rd place had as well, and only 1 less than the winner did. He should also make his return this coming weekend in hopes of having a stronger showing like he knows he's capable of.

A series points update was unavailable at the time of posting, therefore, next week the May 17th recap will include points as of May 10th. Our regulars here at R/OC Racing are quickly running out of time if they are going to make a run towards the championship. With Charlie Morris and Jamie McMillen joining 'The Gang' who attended the races on the 10th, we look to have a full house of around 14 R/OC racers with us at Big Dog R/C this weekend. Feel free to join us as the weather doesn't look promising for our full scale dirt track friends, as always admission is free for spectators, and we would love to have you! Come cheer us on, have a cup cake, celebrate Rod's birthday, and have a good time with our -outta- control race team! 

May 3rd Race Recap

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With only four 'Gang' members attending Big Dog R/C for Saturday's event, they were determined to represent R/OC Racing the best they could. Despite a few mishaps here and there, results showed that they were definitely competitive throughout the entire night.

With a brand new VXL Brushless Slash prepped to run in the 2WD Mod class, David Snyder was hoping to bridge the recent gap between the top runners in the A main and himself. He soon discovered that the speed was there and the handling was not. Early on into the night, he managed to break a rear a-arm mount which was connected to the transmission case, causing the need for a major repair before his new truck would see the track again. With the help of fellow R/OC racer Charles Morris, he was able to get everything fixed in minimal time, and continue on. He managed to qualify 7th overall in the Mod class and was placed in the B-Main. After finishing a solid 2nd place in the B, he earned the bump up to the A-Main. Starting last and fighting with the ill-handling truck, he wasn't able to make any forward progress, and ended up 6th at the end of the race. For his 2WD Spec truck, a proven winner in the Mod class earlier in the season, he qualified 9th overall, and again was placed in the B. He struggled with his truck for the majority of the race and was unable to get a good finish, tailing the field in the 6th position. He looks to find a better feel for his new Mod truck and find more speed for his Spec truck when he returns on the 10th for another round of the spring points season.

Building on her driving skills and continuing to get better every week has been the trend ever since the season started for R/OC Racer Sam Snyder. On May 3rd, her trend continued. She qualified 10th for Spec and had to run the B-Main, where she started last, and was able to improve her starting position by one spot, beating her husband, David Snyder by less than a lap to take home 5th place in the B. After finishing a strong 3rd in her heat in the first round and 2nd in her heat in the second round, she qualified 7th overall for the 2WD Sportsman division. Although she was in the B, she knew her truck was able to move forward from her starting position. She held her own for much of the race and although she didn't get to the lap totals she had in the heat races, she still had a very strong finish of 4th place in the B. She hopes her trend doesn't slow down when she heads back down this coming Saturday.

Fresh off of a historic night for 'Gang' member Mark McMillen, he was destined to try and best his performance the week before. Although he was unable to bring home any victories, his lap totals did improve as he was able to set a new personal best of 38 laps in one of the races throughout the night. In 2WD Spec, he qualified 8th overall through his heats, and was placed in the B-Main. He ran a strong 3rd place and because the 2nd place finisher refused the bump up, Mark gladly took it, and started tail of the field in the A. After hanging with the top 4 trucks for most of the race, nerves got the best of Mark, and he dropped back a little bit to avoid a wreck. For the rest of the race, he just didn't have the speed as the other 4 trucks, and was only able to improve on his starting spot by one position, finishing 5th overall for the night. In the 2WD Mod class, Mark again qualified 8th overall, and started mid-pack in the B-Main. He finished right where he started, in the 3rd spot, setting a personal best with 38 laps, and only finishing 1 lap behind the winner. He'll also return to the dirt on May 10th.

Knowing that he was going to miss the 10th due to his Senior Prom, Charles Morris was hoping he could have a strong night to make up for it. He was able to qualify 7th for the 2WD Spec class after and captured the checkered flag in the B-Main with 39 laps, taking the bump up to the A-Main. He started 5th in the A and raced his way up to the 3rd position, running in a group of four extremely fast trucks. Tying a personal best of 40 laps, finshing in the 3rd spot, on the same lap as 2nd and 4th place, and only one lap behind the the eventual winner, he had nothing to be disappointed about. His luck in 2WD Mod wasn't nearly as good, qualifying 5th overall, missing the A-Main by one spot, he started the B-Main on the pole. It didn't take long for him to have suspected motor troubles and he had to pull off the track. The motor change was what allowed him to get back on track in time for the 2WD Spec A-Main, where it was obvious that his struggles were fixed. Due to the mechanical issues, he only completed 5 laps in the 2WD Mod B-Main, and took home last place honors. His next scheduled stop at Big Dog R/C will be May 17th.

As the spring points season inches to a close, the four 'Gang' members running for points hope to finish out the next few weeks in strong fashion. Points standings aren't available for immediate update, but heading into the May 3rd race, it appeared that David Snyder was currently running 3rd in the 2WD Mod points, Charles Morris was the current leader in 2WD Spec points, and Jamie McMillen was 3rd in 2WD Spec points. Since Jamie has missed more than 2 weeks, his points will likely be disallowed for the rest of the season, eliminating him from points contention all together. Mark and Sam look to find a top 3 finish in the A-Main to help improve their points position. Stay tuned as an exciting season comes to an end!

April 26th Race Recap

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'The Gang' was in full force this past Saturday, April 26th. With a small celebration for Jamie McMillen's birthday and cupcakes provided by Sam Snyder, we entered Big Dog R/C with a strong group of drivers including Riverside Raceway regulars Kevin and Garrett Allen who were making their first start on the dirt in several years. 

Usually the recap is done in nearly the same order, commonly updating our drivers in the same fashion week in and week out, but this one is going to jump right in and right off the bat, start off with 'The Gang' Driver of the Week honors. After having a night full of battles and close races, Mark McMillen had a night of racing that he'll never forget. After running his first newly assembled battery pack in the first round of heats and almost holding off his son, Jamie McMillen, for the time ever, he was feeling really good about his truck. In the second round of heats, he was able to win a 2WD Spec heat, and his hooting and hollering was obvious that he was excited. What would happen later in the night however, was something that no one expected. Even though he won his heat, he was still shifted out of the 2WD Spec B-Main, placing him on the pole for the 2WD Spec C-Main. He started off the race very well with fellow member Sam Snyder hot on his tail, running a very good race. With about a minute left, Sam was able to squeak under Mark for the lead coming out of turn 4, and they drag raced down the front stretch. Entering turn 1, Mark incidentally got into Sam, sending both spinning. Mark was able to continue on quickly as Sam got stuck on the infield cone, essentially eliminating her chances. Mark would lead the rest of the race in route to his first ever main victory on the dirt. He decided to take the bump up and start tail of the field in the 2WD Spec B-Main, which was loaded with some very tough and talented competition. At the sound of the tone, Mark was quickly cutting his way up through the field. With less than a lap in, he was already 3rd, and within a few more laps, he was out in front, all on his own. Garrett Allen would eventually chase him down and take the lead away, but it was short lived as Garrett made contact with the inside of turns 3 and 4 and lost power to his truck. With Garrett's struggles, Mark re-captured the lead. He fought off charges by David Snyder, Rod McMillen, and David and Rod both at the same time, and with 5 trucks on the lead lap at the finish, Mark was able to complete the ultimate under dog story, and take 1st place in his second main of the night! His 2WD Mod races weren't nearly as exciting as he qualified 7th out of the heats and finished 7th in the A-Main as well. 

David Snyder was able to qualify 4th for the 2WD Mod class, which is very respectable considering the type of competition that class has had the last few weeks. He was turning fast laps and had a great truck, he just couldn't seem to catch very many breaks throughout the night. Suffering a broken hub carrier after being hit solidly by two other members, Charlie Morris, and Jamie McMillen, it didn't seem like David's night was off to a good start, but he had hoped that by the time the mains came around, he could change that. In the Mod A-Main, he couldn't capitalize off of his 4th place starting position, and fell back to finish in 6th place, although he was only two laps out of 2nd. In the 2WD Spec class, he qualified for the B-Main, and was able to earn the bump up when Mark McMillen passed it up. David started at the tail of the field for the Spec A-Main, and again finished in 6th place, only 2 laps out of 2nd. He looks to get used to his newly bought LiPo battery and work on finding the consistency he had early in the season. If he can have a little more luck go his way, his top 3 finishes won't take long to land. He'll see what happens this weekend, May 3rd.

After what was almost a first heat win and almost a first main win for Sam Snyder in 2WD Spec, it's definitely safe to say that she is well on her way to becoming a driver to be reckon with. Her improvements on the track were very apparent this weekend at Big Dog R/C. She qualified 10th overall for the 2WD Sportsman class, placing her in the B-Main, starting in the 4th position. She ran a very good race and was able to improve on her starting spot by 1, coming across the stripe in 3rd place only 1 lap behind 2nd place. For her Spec class, she seemingly battled Mark McMillen all night for the win. In the Round 2 heat race, she was fighting for the lead throughout the race and was solidly in the top 3 the entire time. She fell short of a win when she crossed the line 3rd in the heat race, just 2 laps behind the winner. She was also placed in the C-Main for 2WD Spec after qualifying 15th overall. She started on the inside row behind Mark McMillen and the race was on the entire 4 minutes. Up until the previously mentioned contact going into turn 1, Sam was on the same lap as the leader, battling for the win. She was able to bounce back from the spin and still cross the line in the 2nd position, only 1 lap behind the winner. Knowing she was that close to capturing her first wins on the racetrack and they got away is discouraging, but at the same time, knowing that she was strong enough to run that well, and had a blast doing it is a sign of things to come. Look for Sam to try to improve on these runs next week!

Rod McMillen was in the house on the 26th running his Open Sprint and his Slash in the 2WD Spec class as usual. After setting a personal best in the first heat with his sprint car, he was riding a good feeling the rest of the night. Although his personal best was only able to qualify him for the B-Main, he managed to finish 2nd, and earned a bump up to the A. After starting last in the A due to the bump up, he was able to improve on his starting position, and come across the line in 5th, one of his best nights in recent memory with the open wheel portion of his race team. He failed to make the A-Main for 2WD Spec by 2 spots, which placed him on the outside of the front row for the B. He was part of the epic battle between many drivers and might have had a better finishing position if he didn't make contact with David Snyder during a three-wide drag race into turn 1 with Mark McMillen on the inside. He still managed to be one of the 5 trucks on the lead lap, finishing in the 5th position, and having a blast in the process. Be sure to check out his night recapped in his own words on the R/OC Forums underneath the "Live Updates" thread. Keep an eye out for updates on when Rod plans on returning to Big Dog R/C next.

The birthday boy, Jamie McMillen, was able to make the trip in hopes of just having a solid night and having fun, since he wasn't running for points. He fought an ill-handling truck through much of the first two rounds, until he was able to snag a heat win with an impressive 39 laps in round 2 of 2WD Spec class. He was able to run strong enough to make the A-Main in both classes right out of the heats, qualifying 3rd for 2WD Spec, only 1 lap behind the top qualifier, and 6th overall for 2WD Mod. He seemed like he was going to make the best of his 6th place starting spot in the Mod A as he was up to 2nd place and running there for much of the race. Towards the end, he made contact with David Snyder entering turn 3, losing control of his truck, and costing him 2 positions in the process. He came across the line in 4th, still spots better than he qualified. In a back to back set of races, he was now on the track with a fresh battery and a 3rd place starting position for the 2WD Spec A-Main. In probably his best race of the night, he was able to set sail right away, as he led early on for a little while. The eventual winner was just too fast as he got by Jamie about halfway through, and Jamie ended up in 2nd place, improving from his starting spot by one position. Jamie will make his next start of the season on May 17th.

'The Beakman' was again in the house on the 26th, hoping the previous handling issues didn't haunt him again this weekend. With a few minimal changes done to his truck by Jamie McMillen, Charlie was confident entering the night. He was good right off the bat as he was able to win a 2WD Spec heat in round 1 and everyone knew from that point on, he was gonna be tough the rest of the night. He was consistent in the sense that he qualifed 5th overall in both 2WD Spec and 2WD Mod, enjoying his newly purchased LiPo battery, and placing him in the A-Main in both classes. Up first was the 2WD Mod race, which he ran solidly in, and benefited from the contact made between Jamie and David, when Charlie went from 5th to 3rd, and was able to finish with a top 3. After switching batteries, he put his already warm truck back down on the track for the 2WD Spec race, again starting 5th place. And wouldn't you know it? Again he ran another solid race and finished in the 3rd place. A night full of consistency and solid points finishes were exactly what Charlie wanted going in and that's exactly what he left with. He makes his next start the 3rd of May before he will take off a weekend for prom activities. 

Keisha Mack, who has won a B-Main on the dirt before, was in the house, and she just hasn't been able to find that first time magic that she found earlier in the year. She qualified for the B-Main in 2WD Sportsman 8th overall, putting her on the pole. However, she wasn't able to take advantage of that starting position as she dropped back to 5th place, and finished there. 

With a fresh new paint scheme, Kegan Mack mounted up his new body, purchased some new tires, and was ready to show us all that with new tires, he's the man to beat. Although he wasn't the man to beat, he definitely improved, and his truck seemed a lot better. He qualifed 11th overall for the 2WD Spec class, placing him in the B-Main, starting just one spot behind David Snyder. He was unable to enjoy the race of the night very long as he suffered a mechanical failure early on, and finished in last place after only completing 10 laps. 

Also with a fresh new paint scheme, Savannah Ingersoll was set to make her debut in a new chassis in a new class with several unknowns. With a sharp looking sprint car, she started the night just feeling the car out before contact with Rod McMillen forced her to retire early. She fought with the car all night long, fixing parts, and gaining as much experience as possible before she finished last again in the B-Main with another part failure. Frustrating to say the least, she looks to build off of that the next time she makes the trip. In the 2WD Spec class, she was able to finish 2nd twice in the heats with a respectable 37 laps, and was placed on the pole in the B-Main. She slipped up on the start and was unable to make up for it the rest of the race, even though she finished on the lead lap, and crossed the stripe in the 4th position, one spot behind her husband Josh.

Speaking of her husband Josh, he was there for the first time with his newly purchased 4WD truck. He was able to qualify for the B-Main with his new truck in the 4WD Sportsman class and captured the win in that race. He bumped up to the A-Main and was able to finish 6th, not bad for his first night out. With his 2WD Spec truck, he fought with rear grip most of the night, and found himself in the B-Main for that class as well. He was one of the five trucks on the lead lap at the end of the race as well, finishing 3rd overall, missing the possible bump up to the A by one spot.

Kevin and Garrett Allen, two highly successful drivers in the R/C world, and regular stand-outs at Riverside Raceway made the the trip to Big Dog R/C to join 'The Gang' for a night of fun. Garrett ran off-road and struggled with rear grip and too much power throughout the night, but got better with every round. He had a better truck in the 2WD Spec class, but cost himself a possible win in the B-Main when he made contact with the inside wall, and suffered an odd loss of power in his truck. Kevin Allen, who has a very impressive dirt track resume, decided to bring out a very old sprint car chassis just to see what he could do with it. He fought a terribly tight, but insanely fast car the whole night. His finishes didn't show how fast his car was because he was forced to make adjustments throughout every race which cost him several laps in the process. Hopefully they had enough fun to join 'The Gang' again sometime soon, we all thank them for joining us!

April 19th Race Recap

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With Easter Sunday looming the following the day, 'The Gang' traveled to Big Dog R/C with fun and competition on their mind before they settled down for the holidays to enjoy family time and good food. Joining David, Sam, and Mark who have been regulars for the spring points were Charlie Morris, Rod McMillen, and Jessie McMillen who was making her first start of the spring season.

Since his triumphant 2WD Modified A-Main victory, David Snyder has been searching to get back to the top, and unfortunately, this Satruday was no different. The competition seemed to get stronger this week and with track conditions not being ideal for our racers, David wasn't alone in his struggles. Aside from crossing the line in 1st place in his first Mod heat and a 2nd place finish in another heat, David just didn't feel like his truck had the same punch that he needed. Usually running the outside with amazing speed shooting down the straightaways, he hoped that someway, somehow, he could find that same rhythm heading into mains. With a 3rd place qualifying spot locked up from 2WD Spec, David was solidly in the A-Main. He started in 3rd at the tone and faded to a 5th place finishing position, with one of his lower lap totals since heading to the dirt track. For the 2WD Mod class, he qualified 7th, and was forced to race the B-Main from the pole, hoping for a bump up to the big race. He was able to earn the bump up after incidental contact with fellow R/OC members Charlie Morris towards the end of the race cost him his shot at 1st place. Coming across the line in 2nd was still enough to earn a shot at the A-Main. He was unable to go forward much, only besting Charlie Morris in the A-Main, finishing 7th in a field of 8. He goes back to the drawing board heading into next week in search of more speed and consistency.

Sam Snyder, fresh off of her first ever bump up of her career at the dirt track had decided to keep her gearing change made for last week in the truck, and also tried a small suspension adjustment in an attempt to get the front end to rotate better. With the previously mentioned track conditions being so tricky, it's hard to say whether or not the adjustments were able to make a difference. She qualified 9th in 2WD Sportsman and was headed for the B-Main. She fought with the track the entire race and couldn't capitalize on many opportunities, limping across the line in the 6th spot out of 6 entries. Her qualifying spot for the 2WD Spec class also ended up being 9th out of 11, so again, she was forced to battle her way into the B-Main. She had a much better race this time around, finishing with 2 more laps than the Sportsman B, and finishing 4th out of 5, but only 2 laps out of 2nd place, and earning another bump up. Knowing she was only that far away from earning an A-Main entry has to be encouraging heading into next week. Adjustments during the week to get her suspension in a more neutral postion should help her chances.

After finding speed that he essentially has never had before last week on the dirt track, Mark McMillen looked to scale things back a bit by going back to the NIMH batteries, rather than the LiPo he raced the previous week. From the sounds of his results, maybe the speed would've been needed, but with a slick track surface, it's really hard to say. He qualified 11th out of 11th in the Modified class, and finished there in the B-Main, without much improvement from the heats to the main. For 2WD Spec, Mark was able to get his first bump up of the season. Although Rod and Jessie McMillen finished higher than he did in the Spec B-Main, they refused to take the bump up, so it was awarded to Mark McMillen, the lucky dog that he is. He improved one position from his starting spot in the A, bringing home 6th place, and although his finishes didn't show it, he was generally happy with his night of racing.

An ill-handling sprint car haunted Rod McMillen all night and just when he thought the handling issues were fixed, a mechanical failure ended his night in the Sprint B-Main after only 15 laps. He continues to chip away at finding success in his slider chassis. For 2WD Spec in his Slash, he was able to enjoy some success as he captured 1st place honors in the B-Main, but refused the bump up, and kept the high spirit of winning the race, and ended the night on a good note. Rod gives his own rundown of his night on the R/OC Forums after every week of racing, feel free to check out his thoughts about his own night and hear thing in his own words. His plans for the 26th are still up in the air as of right now, but I would plan on Rod making an appearance.

Jessie McMillen may have struggled throughout the night in her first start on the dirt this spring season, but she struggled consistently through the heats. She was able to cross the line with 30 laps in both rounds, setting her sights on a B-Main against her father Rod, her uncle Mark, and her aunt Sam. In her father's words, Jessie got "up on the wheel" as she was able to capture second place and improve on her lap totals from the heats by 4, by far her best race of the night. Much like Rod, she decided to pass on the bump up, and end the night on a good note, which makes for better conversation on the ride home. It's unclear whether she will return the 26th or not. 

'The Gang' driver of the week honors went to Charlie Morris last week with his 2WD Spec A-Main win with a very impressive 40 laps. This week at Big Dog R/C however, was anything but the same as the previous one. Struggling heavily with rear grip issues all night, Charlie just tried to make the best of each race without trying to do too much to overdrive the track. He qualified 6th for the 2WD Spec class, sneaking into the A-Main barely. He made the most of it and drove his way to a 3rd place finish, a strong points night for the 'Beakman'. 2WD Modified was a different story even though he was able to win the B-Main by getting by David Snyder at the end of the race, but the A-Main wasn't very kind to him. He crossed the stripe in last place for the first time in his Big Dog R/C career. He hopes to head back down this coming Saturday and improve on all of his finishes.

Although 'The Dog' seemed to bite our drivers, on a bright note, nobody has rabies, and they'll all return to race another day. The next race on the schedule for 'The Gang' is April 26th, where a small celebration for fellow gang member Jamie McMillen's birthday may be in the works. Jamie plans to make an appearance for the first time in several weeks, as well as Josh Ingersoll, Savannah Ingersoll, Kegan Mack, and Keisha Mack also look to make a return appearance to the dirt. Other possible Riverside Raceway regulars may be in attendance as invites have been extended to the very successful Garrett Allen, Kevin Allen, and Clark Thomas. Time will tell whether or not they make the trip, but regardless of who shows, we know it will be an exciting night this coming Saturday! Feel free to join us and cheer us on, spectators are free, and fans are encouraged. Check back with us often as we are always looking for new forum members to spice this website up a little bit!

April 12th Race Recap

Posted on April 16, 2014 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (5)

WARNING: Due to limited availability of results and poor communciation between members, the race recap will be posted with limited information. When the administrator ( Jamie ) can't make the trip to the races, recaps are hard to do. I apologize for this problem and how late the recap was posted. This issue will be fixed for future recaps.


April 12th has come and gone, with the action as hot as ever down at Big Dog R/C in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, we had several 'Gang' members on hand for the second night of points racing. With Charlie Morris, Steven Thomas, Rod McMillen, and Jamie Houghtalen making their first starts of the Spring Points season.

David Snyder, fresh off of a 2WD Mod A-Main win was in the house looking to continue his recent dominance on the track. His lap totals and times mirrored what they were the previous week, however, the competition was a bit harder this time around, as he was only able to qualify for the B-Main in Mod. He finished in 2nd place in the B, with a very respectable, and personal best 39 laps, earning a bump up to the A-Main. He struggled through the A-main and was only able to cross the line in the 6th position, hurting his previous points lead. After qualifiying 6th overall for the 2WD Spec class, he bounced back with a solid 4th place finish in the A-Main, and continues to chase the points in both classes, bound and determined to take home a high finishing trophy at the end of the season.

A transfer into the A-Main through the B-Main for the first time ever in 2WD Sportsman was something Sam Snyder accomplished on Saturday, by finishing a strong 2nd place in the B. She backed it up with another solid top 5 finish in the A-Main. Improving every week has been her goal and there's no doubt that she's been doing just that. After qualifying 8th overall in the 2WD Spec, she was able to improve on that as well by bumping up one spot to bring home 7th place in the A-Main, one spot ahead of fellow 'Gang' member Mark McMillen, and only 3 laps out of the top 5. It seems as if the gear change earlier in the week helped her with speed and handling like she had hoped for. She looks to continue her run at a solid finish in both classes in the points when 'The Gang' heads back to Big Dog R/C on the 19th of April.

After coining the phrase, "Pretty Fly For a Blind Guy", Mark McMillen set a personal best with 36 laps in a heat race early on, and was enjoying newly found speed throughout the entire night by running other batteries that he was un-accustomed to. Mark qualified 7th for the 2WD Spec class and wasn't able to captilize on that in the A-Main, tailing the field, and crossing the stripe in 8th place. After qualifying 9th overall for 2WD Mod, Mark started off the B-Main with a solid run going. For one reason or another, he found himself slipping farther and farther back as the race went on, and finished 3rd, missing the A-Main bump up by one position, and 5 laps. It's unclear whether or not Mark will return to the dirt this Saturday or if he will take a week off with it being Easter weekend.

The story of the night may have been Charlie Morris, who was making his first start of the points season so far, and he certainly made the best of it. After improving across the boards all night in lap times and lap totals, sealing up a 40 lap personal best, and missing top qualifier in 2WD Spec by less than a second, he set sail in the A-Main, and never looked back. He ran a solid race and was able to capture first place honors for the first time at Big Dog R/C. He qualified 3rd overall for 2WD Mod and had high hopes heading into the A-Main, after running such a solid race just a few minutes before. He was unable to improve on his qualifying position and slipped back to 4th place, just ahead of David Snyder. Charlie's future plans for the upcoming weeks are up in the air as of right now, but look for him to make at least a few more appearances as the season goes on.

Rod McMillen made several changes to both his sprint car and 2WD Spec truck throughout the week and he hopes he's onto something here soon. He had too much front grip in the sprint car and was unable to work the track and get it to handle the way he wanted to. A loose motor also cost him some valuable track time early on in a heat race. He fought the issues and was able to get a top 5 in the A-Main at the end of the night, ending on a high note. For his 2WD Spec truck, he qualified 5th overall, and had an A-Main worth forgetting, as he was only able to muster up a 6th place finishing with 33 laps, one of his lowest totals of the season. He looks to bounce back in strong fashion the next time he travels down to the track on the 26th of April.

Steven Thomas was able to make it down to the dirt and seemed to have rear grip issues that haunted him the entire night. He was still able to muster up a 4th place qualifying position heading into the 2WD Spec A-Main, but failed to go forward, losing a spot and finishing 5th. His other half, Jamie Houghtalen struggled most of the night and was in the B-Main for 2WD Sportsman. Her results were not available, so qualifying position and finishing position cannot be posted. I apologize for this issue and look to solve it for future recaps, it shouldn't happen again.

Check back with us over here at R/OC Racing for a newly posted recap for this weekend's upcoming action on April 19th. Confirmed entries so far are Sam and David Snyder, every other member will have to play it by ear. Feel free to join them on their quest for points championships, the more the merrier when 'The Gang' travels down to play in the dirt! Also for next week's recap, we hope to have updated points standings to see where our members are running.