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Due to problems with the current host we are using to run the website, the website will be discontinued until further notice as I search for a new host and start the build of a new website. It was brought to my attention as I was adding more members to 'The Gang' portion of our site that I was running out of bandwidth on the page and they started limiting the resolution of my pictures until it got to the point of the pictures being the size of a piece of pencil lead. I re-formatted the pictures and made them smaller in file size and this did me absolutely no good. I apologize for the inconvenience, as I'm not too impressed, or happy about it either. This website was a lot of work and I really liked the look of it. Hopefully, the new one is bigger and better than ever. Thanks for your understanding and stay tuned to the R/OC Racing Facebook page for updates as they become available.

ATTN: If you are a member of R/OC Racing and you don't see a 

recap of your action posted, please submit the required information

listed at the bottom of the website. If you aren't listed in the 'The Gang'

you will not be included in the recaps. Thank you!

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Sam Snyder's Channel

Josh Ingersoll's Channel

An inside look into the minds of a diehard group of R/C racers from Northwestern, Pennsylvania. Some of the group have been racing since before others in the group were born. Others have just begun their journey into the hobby in as little as 3 months ago. The passion that many R/C enthusiasts have for this time consuming activity is un-matched. The dedication that it takes to get to the top of your respected class and stay there is unbelievable. In a hobby turned weekly event, you'll see the highs and the lows of just about everyone you come in contact with. At times, the anger and frustration can swallow you whole, and in that same night, all it takes is one good race to put all your previous struggles behind you
for the next six days, until you see the track again. Call it what it you will, but anyone that takes two steps into the pit area at an R/C racetrack knows that it's far from a childish, immature hobby with expensive toys that adults have no business playing with. Check back with us often as updates are posted within a day or two after 'The Gang' races. We look forward to interacting with you on the forums, so please join!

Latest News

Upcoming Schedule

Saturday, November 1st 2014 - Big Dog R/C - Special Halloween Race
Wednesday, November 5th 2014 - Riverside Raceway - Regular Points Night
Wednesday, November 12th 2014 - Riverside Raceway - Regular Points Night

Schedule is subject to change. 
Please note: Not all of our drivers will be able to attend every scheduled night due to other commitments. Recaps and results will be posted about 'Gang' drivers who do attend. 

Drivers needing pictures and info for 'The Gang' profile page include:

Josh Ingersoll

Savannah Ingersoll

Kegan Mack

Keisha Mack

Clark Thomas

Pictures of these trucks will be taken very soon and as soon as they are, they will be added to the page. 
I will also need some information for the profile page. Please contact me about this information via Facebook.
Thanks everyone!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Interested in joining 'The Gang'? Contact us by clicking here.

I do not own any pictures. Most pictures on this site are courtesy of DavidE Photography © 2014.