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April 5th Race Recap

Posted on April 8, 2014 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (2)

Soon after 'The Gang' arrived, there was a sudden change announced for the night. Rather than it being the last night of racing before points would start, points would now start on Saturday, April 5th. With Sam and David Snyder already set on running points, they knew that the night of racing just got a whole lot more important. With Mark McMillen also kicking around the idea of running the whole points series, he knew it was time to improve on his last trip to Big Dog R/C. For Jamie McMillen, Josh and Savannah Ingersoll, and Keisha and Kegan Mack, it was a night to be the spoiler to any points regulars.

Much like the last night at Riverside Raceway, David Snyder was the story of the night. After qualifying 5th for the 2WD Modified A-Main and missing the 2WD Spec B-Main by less than a second, he already had much to be happy about heading into the later portion of the night. In his first Modified heat, he ran a very hard, clean battle with Jamie McMillen for over 3 minutes of the race, leading up until the last few seconds when a lapped car clipped him, and spun him out of contention. Knowing his truck was as good and as fast as anyone's, he took advantage of his pole position start in the Spec B-Main as he was able to capture the checkered flag, and take the bump up to the Spec A-Main. He started the tail of the field in that race and ended right where he started as he was unable to catch any sort of break the entire race. As rough as that A-Main was, he made up for it in the Modified A-Main. After trouble on the start for the leaders, David jumped out to the lead within the first minute or so, and never looked back. He sailed around the track, setting the pace, and winning his first ever A-Main at Big Dog R/C, a Modified one with a stock Slash at that. A great points night as heading into week #2, he holds the points lead in 2WD Modified Truck.

Sam Snyder who's main goal is again to improve and just have fun had several issues throughout the night with the same driver over and over again. Although this driver was new, some of the on track happenings were just un-called for. However, Sam showed resiliency in both of her mains. With the trouble from heats and qualifying 17th out of 19, she was placed in the 2WD Sportsman C-Main where she again had troubles and ended the race in the 6th position out of 7 entries. She bounced back in the 2WD Spec class, after being bottom qualifier out of 14, she improved on her lap totals in the Spec B-Main by 3 and gained a lot of track time and experience, finishing 7th out of 8.. Look for her to continue an uphill trend of improving all season.

Lack of speed and improper gearing haunted Mark McMillen the last time he tackled the dirt track but this time, his issues were no more. With a gearing change and a few other minor changes, speed returned in the sense that it was almost a little bit too much. More speed caused a little bit of a handling issue and he worked on it throughout the night of racing. His outlook was bright and he was having fun, which is what the most important aspect of R/C racing is. He qualified 12th out of 14 in 2WD Spec and would start near the back of the B-Main. He was able to compete for the middle of the pack the entire race and ended up 5th out of 8. This was also the first night in which Mark would enter two classes in the same night, attempting to take his talents to the 2WD Modified class as well. Due to only having 9 entries, everyone made the A-Main, as Mark started 8th and finished there as well. Minding his own and just driving the track, all in all, he had a much better night than the previous few.

For Jamie McMillen, it's all or nothing everytime he goes to Big Dog R/C. Without the worry or concern of running for points, he can take more chances than most, and he feels like he can be a spoiler at any time. He was quoted in saying "That heat race against David Snyder in the the first round of Mod was the most fun I've ever had in a single race at any track. If the second round is anywhere close to that fun and nerve racking, I don't know what I'll do.". With that being said, he ran a solid race and line in every race he entered throughout the night. He shockingly qualified 2nd for 2WD Mod, just a few seconds from being top qualifier, and also was 5th in qualifying for 2WD Spec, making the A-Main for the first time of his career in that class. Running the bottom of the track was his trend of the night and it continued into the Spec A-Main, as he was able to improve on his starting position by 2, finishing 3rd. The Modified race however wasn't as kind to him. He fought several issues throughout the entire race and with less than a minute left, still found himself on the lead lap in second place, about a half a track behind eventual winner and leader David Snyder. The Gang's hopes of sweeping the top 2 spots in that A-Main quickly vanished as he lost 4 laps towards the end of the race for one reason or another and limped across the line in the 6th position. 

Soon to be Gang members from the Ingersol and Mack crew had a lot of fun with their night as well. Josh, who decided to enter his stock Slash that has been run consistently on carpet and dirt ovals into the 2WD Sportsman Off-Road class was definitely impressive. His first time out, he took 3rd in his heat, and the next time out, he crossed the stripe in first place, and was top qualifier for the class heading into the A-Main. If it wasn't for an issue with another truck at the beginning of the race, he would've captured his first ever A-Main victory at Big Dog R/C, although he was still able to bring it home to a very strong 2nd place finish. His luck on the oval wasn't nearly as good, as he fought rear wheel spin most of the night, and an issue with a turn marshal actually stepping on his truck and causing a mechanical failure ended his race early in the 2WD Spec B-Main. He looks to return to Big Dog R/C in a few weeks with a 'W' in his sights. 

If it wasn't for troubles in Savannah Ingersol's 2WD Spec B-Main, it's hard to say if David would've tracked her down and won the race. She was running a clean, smooth race, way out in front until trouble with a lapped truck several laps in a row took her out of contention. With the right set-up seemingly already under the truck, she'll hope for some better luck when she returns to the track. With a little luck, she could improve on her 3rd place finish and be one of our next big winners.

Kegan Mack, who has yet to have an eye-popping finish to go along with how strong his runs are is well on his way to getting to the top of his respective class. He qualified 11th out of 14 in 2WD Spec and was placed in the B-Main. He ran a strong race and ended up in 4th place, only 2 laps behind the leader. Several on-track accidents marred most of his night, so if he can avoid more wrecks, and get a cleaner run, he could be challenging for some W's soon. 

A 2WD Sportsman B-Main winner on the oval the last time she raced at Big Dog R/C, Keisha Mack looked to do it all over again when she returned. However, she was unable to do that. Most of her races throughout the night could fall under the 'rough' category, but at least she was able to end the night on a positive note, as she straightened things out for her Sportsman C-Main and finished 3rd and she also ran a hard fought battle with Mark McMillen and Sam Snyder to snag a 6th place finish in the Spec B-Main, right between Mark and Sam who were bunched together the entire race.

The next race on 'The Gang' schedule is April 12th, at Big Dog R/C as they return to the dirt again. Mark McMillen, Sam Snyder, and David Snyder look to return as Rod McMillen and Charlie Morris will make their first starts of the spring points season.

A Shift In Focus

Posted on April 3, 2014 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1)

The carpet season is behind us, all ties with Riverside Raceway are put on the back burner until the race season returns in late September or early October. As our drivers at R/OC pack it in at Riverside, they prepare to back it in at Big Dog RC. Although several of our drivers won't be running a consistent schedule down at the dirt track located in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, there are two confirmed entries who are headed down in hopes of capturing a points title. For David Snyder, it would be his second in as many seasons of racing early in his career. Sam Snyder, our other full-time participant, looks to hit the track with her main focus being to improve and sharpen her skills as a driver over the entire summer. 

Other part-time drivers such as Jamie McMillen, Charlie Morris, Rod McMillen, Jessie McMillen, and Steven Thomas plan on making it down to Big Dog RC a few times this summer, to keep the rust off, and the R/C bug going strong. Mark McMillen is the only R/OC driver who is undecided right now about whether or not he is going to run the full schedule. Confirmed entries for this weekend's final non-points race are David, Sam, Jamie, and Mark. Also from the Riverside Raceway crew, Josh Ingersoll, Savannah Ingersoll, and possibly Kegan and Keisha Mack also plan on running the dirt track when possible and should be in attendance this weekend as well. A family sport and hobby, full of fun times, and memories that are made every single night is a well known fact about R/C racing, but to Sam Snyder, this spring points season at Big Dog RC is much more than that.

After feeling the pressure of David, Jamie, Charlie, Mark, and Rod, Sam purchased a Traxxas Slash during the Christmas season in 2013. She debuted at Big Dog R/C and instantly, she was hooked. Now she focuses every week on getting better, turning laps, trying to run her own race, and setting small goals worthy of celebration throughout her night. She's one of our drivers who truly has an immense amount of fun almost every single night at the track, who also has a competitive side.

Her plans for the spring season include running a full schedule in the 2WD Sportsman class as well as the 2WD Spec Truck class. By doubling up her classes, it eliminates so much down time in between rounds, and also gives her twice as much track time per night. The more track time when first starting out, the better. The more track time you get, the more you learn, and the quicker you learn. After getting most of her basic driving skills in line from running the entire schedule at Riverside Raceway's 2014 Spring Season and ending the year with a solid 8th place finish in the Stock Slash class, she looks to build on that. With any luck at all, she'll improve in both classes as she goes forward, and with a few changes in equipment expected in the near future, she should be well on her way to finding that consistency that she's steadily in search of. Saturday night is the final non-points night to make those fine adjustments and find a solid base set-up to begin the points season with. 

Hopefully the race recap following Saturday's action is full of successful results for all of our participating drivers. 

End of the Season Recap

Posted on March 28, 2014 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (2)

As the 25th anniversary year of Riverside Raceway came to a close, we were thrilled to see many of our drivers receive awards and plaques for their hard work this season. Along with receiving awards, the night ended with an exclamation point, as all Slash drivers were entered into a 500 lap team race, which created a long race with strategy and luck looking to have a major affect on the outcome of the race. All in all, despite the broken parts and pieces throughout the long season, there isn't a single person in 'The Gang' that can't say they didn't thoroughly enjoy themselves, and have a blast. We will all be looking forward to October 1st, when the Fall Points '14 season will start. 

The long awaited verdict on whether David Snyder was able to capture a points championship in his first season in the hobby was soon answered when we arrived to the track. His hard work and dedication to getting better every week paid off immensely, as he was crowned the champion of the Stock Slash Class for the Spring '14 season. Also having a strong season and rounding out the season in 3rd was our very own Mark McMillen, one of his best seasons in a long time. 

Jessie McMillen missed a top 5 points finish by a mere 19 points as she finished in the 6th spot. Sam Snyder had much to be happy about as she ended her rookie season with a top 10 points finish, locking up 8th place, out of 15 total drivers who raced in the class throughout the season. Steven Thomas, who ran a limited schedule, finished tied for 11th place in points, and hopes to advance out of the Stock Class next season.

For our Pro drivers, points weren't much of a mystery heading into the final night, but it was still nice to be awarded for their efforts. Charlie Morris was the highest 'Gang' finisher, ending the season with a very solid 3rd place in the standings. Jamie McMillen who struggled through much of the later portion of the season was still able to hang onto 4th, and Rod who's up and down season plagued him with inconsistent runs, took home the 7th place plaque, out of 10 drivers who made the cut from Stock to Pro.

2014 Spring Stock Slash Points Standings:

Champion: David Snyder, 1362

2. Ron Leofsky, 1317
3. Mark McMillen, 1293
4. Kyle Swick, 1282
5. Cody Leofsky, 1276


6. Jessie McMillen, 1257

8. Sam Snyder, 1144

11(T): Steven Thomas, 892

2014 Spring Pro Slash Points Standings:

Champion: Garrett Allen, 1501

2. Kevin Allen, 1469
3. Charlie Morris, 1441
4. Jamie McMillen, 1386
5. Ron Thomas, 1372


7. Rod McMillen, 1342

All of our drivers look forward to running as much as possible at Big Dog R/C this spring and summer. Although a cemented schedule hasn't been confirmed as of yet, several dates have been floating around, and they will be posted on the upcoming schedule portion of the main page. Join us at Big Dog R/C for some exciting racing and if you're unable to make the trip, please join us at Riverside Raceway October 1st! For updates about Riverside Raceway as the off season starts and next year's inches closer every day, head over to Riverside Raceway's website by clicking here.

March 22nd Race Recap

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (2)

All of our drivers were preprared for a long day, hoping that a night of success racing wouldn't make it feel any longer. For most, they accomplished their goal. Running on the dirt track was a lot of fun and a great way for everyone to celebrate Sam Snyder's birthday. Riverside Raceway regulars Josh Ingersoll, Savannah Ingersoll, Kegan Mack, and Keisha Mack even joined 'The Gang' for the day of racing and had a great time as first time dirt track racers. Josh found success in winning a 2WD Spec Truck heat race, as Savannah finished in 2nd place in the 2WD Spec C-Main, with Kegan right behind her in 3rd. The shocker of the night definitely went to Keisha, when she surprised everyone with an awesome run to win the Sportsman 2WD B-Main. 

Due to the extra classes that most of our drivers entered, the format of this recap will be drastically changed.

The birthday girl, Sam Snyder, had a blast on Saturday night, running consistently all night, hovering right around 30 laps per race, and trying different lines all throughout the night finding to figure out where her truck ran best. She ended the night in the C-Main for 2WD Spec and the C-Main for 2WD Sportsman. After a tailing the field in 6th for the Spec Main, she bounced back to finish strong in the Sportsman Main, placing on the podium for her first time with a solid 3rd place finish. 

After deciding to give 2WD Mod a try, David Snyder seemed like he was on his way to his first victory on dirt, as he was pacing the field in a heat race, only to have an incident going into turn 1, ending in a catastrophic part failure. Luckily, Charlie and Sam were there to help him out, as they worked together to get him back up and running, and he never missed a race. After repairs, it took him awhile to get his truck dialed back in, but he definitely bounced back to end his night on a bright note, finishing 3rd in the Mod B-Main, and 5th in the Spec B-Main. 

A rough night for Mark McMillen with frustration scattered throughout set the tone of his racing on Saturday. Usually finding great success on dirt and having a blast doing so, Mark was forced to fight through several mishaps, and wrecks the entire night. Handling wasn't an issue, his set-up was good, but with most people in the class running LiPo batteries and bigger, faster motors, he just struggled to find speed. He ended the night by crossing the line in the 2WD Spec C Main in 5th.

A lot of close racing with her father and holding her own all night long was the story for Jessie McMillen, as she had a very solid truck, and didn't have to make changes to get better. Her set-up from the carpet track seemed to cross over consistently and she showed that regardless of track surface, she can wheel her truck around the track pretty well. Although her finish in the 2WD Spec B-Main didn't show it by finishing 7th, she was only 1 lap behind Rod McMillen, and 3 laps behind David. 

Rod was forced to fight an inconsistent truck most of the night, trying changes in between every race and round, searching to find that happy medium between speed and handling. Rear grip in different parts of the track seemed to be his biggest issue, but with his driving experience, and being the most seasoned driver on the dirt track, he was able to adjust his line, and run smooth races for the most part. He crossed the stripe in 6th place in the 2WD Spec B-Main, after having hard fought battles all night with Jessie, Josh Ingersoll, and David. In his Open Sprint Car, he finished the B-Main in 4th place, only 2 laps out of 2nd.

The two drivers who found their groove with little or no changes at all in set-up were Charlie Morris and Jamie McMillen. Between the 2 of them, they won 4 races throughout the night, and were basically dead even in speed and lap times. Charlie found success by being the first to cross the line in a 2WD Spec heat race and a 2WD Mod heat race as well. With the help of some of the local drivers, Charlie was able to get his truck handling better and better after each race, and it paid off drastically. He finished 2nd in the Spec B-Main and held his own, giving the Mod drivers all they could ask for, and finished 2nd in the Mod A-Main as well. 

After struggling with rear grip every time he'd been to the track before, Jamie's recently purchased tires, and strong set-up on carpet transferred over to the dirt really well, and he was solid in every race all night long. He didn't touch his truck with any changes and only wiped the tires off once on his way to winning his first main ever at Big Dog R/C, crossing the stripe in front of Charlie in the Spec B-Main. He was battling for 2nd place with Charlie in the Mod A-Main for most of the race, before incidental contact on the front straightaway caused Jamie to loop it with only a few seconds left, falling from a possible 2nd place finish to a 4th place finish, still a strong showing with a completely stock truck.

All in all, it was a night full of great moments, delicious cupcakes, fun and laughter, and a perfect way for Sam to celebrate her birthday with 'The Gang' and other fellow racers. With the rest of the immediate schedule up in arms right now, there has been talks of several of our drivers running for points in the Spring Season at Big Dog R/C. As soon as details are confirmed, they will be announced. For now, look forward to a night of awards and special races as the season comes to a close at Riverside Raceway this Wednesday, when we will find out the final points standings, and hopefully end the season with a strong showing for all of our drivers.

March 19th Race Recap

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With the track fresh off of successful and exciting HCOT race on Saturday, the surface was as odd and as different as it has been all season. Loose and touchy, little room for error, and the inability for stock Slash tires to grip made for a very interesting night at Riverside Raceway Wednesday night. 'Down To The Wire' could've easily been the theme of the night, as many instances throughout the night could easily be described by those four simple words. 

Entering the night, David Snyder knew he had to have a solid night to give him his best shot at capturing the points title, and much like last week, he did everything he could do. After a rough first heat, David was able to battle back strong in his second heat to qualify 2nd overall, making the A-Main. Other 'Gang' drivers that joined him in the A-Main were Steven Thomas, who was arguably the fastest truck in his class all night, and Mark McMillen who crossed the stripe in first place in both of his qualifying heats, continuing his streak of great runs over the past few weeks. Ron Leofsky, the current points leader, was who David had his sights set on the entire night, knowing that if this points title was going to be a reality, he had to top his toughest competition all season, and run a near perfect race, barring any mechanical failures, or a poor race for Leofsky. For the B-Main drivers Jessie McMillen and Sam Snyder, who hadn't had as much luck in the heat races as the drivers already mentioned, their goal heading into the race was to do everything they could to solidify their spot in the points, trying to finish as high in the rankings as possible.

It didn't take long for the B-Main to turn into an action packed event as trucks were all over the place, jumping walls, jumping eachother, and even jumping a turn marshal if need be. The loose track conditions seemed to play into Jessie's favor, usually fighting a tight set-up, she was able to apex the turns just as good as anyone, and if she kept the front end clean, she was pulling lap times similar to the top competitiors who were next in the A-Main. Sam, who had just tried a completely new set-up for the first time felt like her truck was better than it had been, but again, the track conditions didn't give her a realistic chance to see just how much better they were. There was a matter of inches entering the turns that would determine how that turn was gonna go and that small difference between hitting the turn perfectly and completely messing the turn up bit everyone several times. Jessie was able to out last the competition, crossing the stripe in 1st place. Sam managed to bring her truck home in one piece, finishing in the 4th position.

Reiterating the down to the wire theme, Steven jumped out to an early lead as the tone sounded. David who was marred back in traffic early was beginning to see his hopes of a championship fade away, while Mark was working on finding that perfect line that haunted several of our drivers throughout the night. It didn't take long for David's chances to look a whole lot better when Ron Leofsky suffered a broken rear hub carrier on lap 4, leaving the door wide open for a down to the wire points finish. David soon picked up his pace and found his rhythm and Steven, continuing to lead, had his own sights set on becoming a pro driver, as he has tried to do all season, hunting down that 61-lap mark that has escaped him so many times in the past. With around 15 seconds left in the race, Mark continued to fight his ill-handling truck, tailing the field as the last truck running in 4th place, David had moved up to 2nd, trying to run down Steven, who was on a 61 lap pace. It only took one mistake coming out of turn 2 to see Steven's hopes of moving up into the Pro Class vanish, as he crossed the line at the buzzer, capturing 1st place, but coming up 0.8 seconds short of his goal. David followed him across the line in 2nd place, with a very respectable 56 laps, while Mark ended in 4th place.

Stock Slash Results:

Top Qualifer: Steven Thomas, 59

A-Main: B-Main:

1. Steven Thomas, 60 1. Jessie McMillen, 56

2. David Snyder, 56 2. Keisha Mack, 51

3. Kyle Swick, 53 3. Cody Leofsky, 50

4. Mark McMillen, 48 4. Sam Snyder, 41

5. Ron Leofsky, 4 5. Kegan Mack, DNS


Going into the night our Pro Slash drivers had anything but points standings on their minds. All 3 of them were just hoping for a good night, whether it was a bad set-up or bad luck, last week wasn't very kind to any of them. The heat races were again trial and error sessions, but with the before mentioned track conditions, there was only a little trial and a lot of error. Managing to get through the qualifiers without any major problems, Jamie McMillen was set to start the A-Main from the 3rd position, who only had a 1 second advantage in the heat races over 4th place starting Charlie Morris, and rounding out the field was Rod McMillen, in 6th.

Feeling pretty good about their chances heading into the main yet again, all three of our drivers believed that they were going to be able to wheel the loose surface, and bring home one more solid finish to round out the points season. As the tone sounded, the race started, and Jamie once again got off to a good start, quickly taking over 2nd position, as Charlie and Rod continued to run the same position that they qualified in. However, it didn't take long for the action to pick up in this race either. Rod quickly moved into 5th with Charlie in his sights as Charlie was trying to run down Kevin Allen, who was stuck between Jamie and Charlie early on. Heartbreak struck Jamie's hopes out from under him yet again as he made hard contact with the outside wall going into the turn 1, essentially ending his night early with only 4 laps completed. 

With a clearer track and one less driver to worry about, Charlie found his groove as he began driving a stellar race. With the higher grooves of the track essentially off limits, it made for some interesting and action packed moments through out the entire race. As a faster truck approached a slower one, it was much harder to get out of line, and allow faster trucks by, which in the end created several mishaps and get togethers. Charlie was able to avoid almost as many as he needed, with under 10 seconds left, he found himself in 2nd place, on the lead lap, while Rod was running his own race, making laps, still running 4th. Doing everything he could, Charlie came up just 1 lap short of the leader's pace as a possible win slipped from his grasp, bringing home a very solid runner-up finish, as Rod cemented 4th place down nearly the whole race and ended there as well. 

Pro Slash Results:

Top Qualifier: Garrett Allen, 70


1. Garrett Allen, 66

2. Charlie Morris, 65

3. Kevin Allen, 62

4. Rod McMillen, 59

5. Josh Ingersoll, 55

6. Jamie McMillen, 4


Will David win points? Where will Mark, Jessie, and Sam end up? Will Jamie finish the A-Main? Much like you, we are also waiting for the official points standings. Points will be made official this Wednesday, as we again climb the stairs to Riverside Raceway to celebrate our season with an award night and a night full of action packed, fun-filled, special race events. So check back with us often, come join us at the track if you can, and once again, thanks for checking us out. For more information on Riverside Raceway, race results, rules, and other information, head on over to Riverside Raceway's website by clicking here.

March 12th Race Recap

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The weather may have been cold and snowy, but the racing at Riverside Raceway on Wednesday, March 12th was far from that. With a snow storm seemingly keeping the number of driver entries down, there was still a lot of good racing that went on. David Snyder entered the night hoping to have a good run, to improve his chances of winning the points for the Spring '14 Season in his first full season as a competitor. He did everything that he could've done to make sure that happens. After being top qualifer out of the heats, David set the pace in the A-Main and ended up winning with 57 laps, one of his best nights ever. As for the other Stock Slash drivers in our gang, they too had a lot to be happy about by the time we were all done racing.

Mark McMillen tied a personal best in laps with 53 in both of his qualifying heats and ended his night with a strong run, finishing 4th in the A-Main with 52 laps. 158 laps total for the night was by far the most total laps that Mark has got in his entire career and that's nothing to be ashamed of, even if his finish in the A didn't show it. He also had his best points night of the season. Jessie McMillen, another member of the gang who has yet to be added to the page, had an epic battle with David in the first heat, only to break a hub carrier early in her second heat. She fought the ill handling truck with a broken part the rest of the race, riding out the part failure, and making the A-Main, finishing 2nd overall, only 2 laps behind David.

Sam Snyder set a personal best in laps as well in her first qualifying heat, crossing the stripe with a total of 43 laps. Ecstatic to say the least when the line-ups were posted and she soon found out that due to the number of drivers being low, they decided to combine both mains, to make a 5-person A-Main. With this being her first A-Main ever, she was happily riding along, hanging tough, and holding her own until a mistake coming out of turn 4 ended in a fatal part break, ending her night early.

With one week left of points, things are about to get very interesting for the entire group. Everyone is hoping to have one more good run left so they can solidify their highest possible finishing position. Barring any set-backs, David should be on pace to win his first points title ever, Mark could lock up a top 5 spot, and Jessie and Sam could lock up a top 10 points slot respectively.

Stock Slash Results:

Top Qualifier: David Snyder, 56


1. David Snyder, 57
2. Jessie McMillen, 55
3. Kyle Swick, 53
4. Mark McMillen, 52
5. Sam Snyder, 29

As for our Pro Slash drivers, it was a tale of two stories almost all night. You were either on point and working to get a little better or you struggled all night, changing everything, in hopes that you could find the hiccup in your set-up that had been setting you back all night. For Charlie, his night of struggles was well noted. After rushing to get out of work in time, he made it to the track with seconds to spare, and got his truck lined up for his first heat. Instantly, his struggles began. Only pulling 54 laps and 58 laps in his heat, he was sent back to the drawing board, preparing for the A-Main, knowing he was going to tail the field for the start of the race.

Jamie was strong from the start, after minor radio changes, he seemed like he was destined to have one of his best nights ever. Setting the pace in both of his heats and crossing the line 1st with 65 and 66 laps, he was looking forward to seeing how well his set-up was going to transfer and measure up to the rest of the competition. He would start the A-Main in the 3rd position.

With the truck being slightly tight and not quite rolling the center of the turn like he wanted, Rod enjoyed limited success in his heat races, and was slowly making adjustments throughout the night. He locked up a spot in the bottom 4 of the A-Main grid, but had high hopes going into the race that his changes were going to make a difference.

As the anticipation built up and the excitement started to flow, the line-up was set, and the trucks were patiently waiting for the tone. From the start, Jamie jumped out to an early lead, before making contact with Kevin Allen, and shuffling him back to 3rd or 4th for the time being, while Charlie and Rod started their fight through the pack, Charlie continuing to have trouble with handling. Jamie's night ended early and his hopes of winning his first ever Pro Slash A-Main vanished quickly when running 2nd place and passing Charlie to put him a lap down. Incidental contact was made between Jamie and Charlie, sending Jamie into the outside wall, into an end-over-end flip down the front stretch. He became a sitting duck as the field came flying down the front straightaway, Jamie had no way where to go and essentially, neither did the rest of the field. It ended with Jamie's truck suffering a broke hub carrier, forcing him to be a spectator for the remainer of the race. Charlie and Rod's handling issues continued to haunt them the rest of the race, but Charlie seemed to find a happy medium with his driving style, and consistently minded his own business until the buzzer sounded. He was able to escape several mishaps between other drivers, and ended his night on a good note, finishing 3rd overall. Rod was unable to find that happy medium and didn't catch any breaks, seemingly getting caught up in every accident he possibly could on the track, and limped home to a 7th place finish, the last truck running.

With Jamie's struggles, Charlie has all but locked up 3rd place in the points for the Spring '14 season. Jamie needs a good run next week in hopes that he can hang onto 4th, as the rough night opened up the door for other drivers to possible take that spot away. As for Rod, his overall season of off and on struggles continues. A good, solid finish to end out the season would be great for his spot in the points.

Pro Slash Results:

Top Qualifer: Garrett Allen, 70


1. Kevin Allen, 66
2. Garrett Allen, 63
3. Charlie Morris, 61
4. Ron Thomas, 59
5. John Corbett, 57
6. Josh Ingersoll, 55
7. Rod McMillen, 52
8. Jamie McMillen, 17

For a complete listing of all results from all classes run at Riverside Raceway on March 12th and an updated, more in-depth look at the current points standings heading into the final week, head over to http://riversideraceways.webs.com.

More updates and PLEASE join the Forum

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More was added to 'The Gang' and within the next day or so, I will be adding more. Then hopefully the rest will be added and 'The Gang' will be finalized by Thursday or Friday. Anyone planning to view the website on a regular basis, please join the forum, and feel free to spark up a conversation about anything. I will be adding more boards with new discussion topics in the near future. If you have any ideas for what boards should be added, speak up. 

Also, we had a whopping 431 page views on Thursday! That's pretty impressive! Spread the word and get this website noticed! :)

Updates and Important Info

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'The Gang' was updated and the R/OC Racing Forum was added. Members of 'The Gang', PLEASE join the the Forum and for your username, please use your real name so outside visitors know who you are. Do not hide behind a screen name. Feel free to post whatever you want on the Forum. If anyone has questions, ideas, or suggestions, please contact me, and let me know by either commenting on this post or joining the forum and reaching out to me that way. Thank you!

2 Weeks to Crown a Champion

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Post-Race Update from 3/5

As the season prepares to come to a close, the points battles at Riverside Raceway are heating up. With the point leader and the 3rd place points driver missing this week's event, David Snyder and Mark McMillen took advantage of the big opportunity as Mark finished 3rd in the A-Main, moving up to 2nd in the points standings, and David took the top spot on the podium in the B-Main to capture the points lead in non-adjusted format with just 2 weeks remaining. Sam Snyder sits 5th in the standings, an impressive position for her rookie season. Due to a missed week earlier in the season, Jessie is in 8th, just 5 points out of 7th.


Over in the Pro Slash division, the positions in points are pretty well separated awaiting the adjustments when the 2 lowest point scoring weeks are eliminated. Charlie currently sits 3rd in the standings, holding a 43 point advantage over Jamie in 4th. Rod also missed a week earlier in the season, setting him back a bit for now, but still riding along in the 6th slot. Missing 2 weeks early, Clark's season of ups and down continues to test his patience. Barely clinging onto 8th place in points, he will certainly need a strong performance this week to stand any hopes of flirting with the top 5 in points.

Recaps and Results

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This is where race recaps and results will be posted in the future. Open comments will be allowed on the entries themselves. Anytime we race, check here to find out how we did!